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Official Ironman Cc! "Irons"

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Hello Ironman noobs,

Welcome to the Official Ironman Clan Chat! The aim for this clan is for all of you Ironman noobs (Experienced & Non-Experienced) players to enjoy themselves and help each other out. In the past, the old Ironman Clan Chat was extremely successful because it made the game a lot easier and more enjoyable due to having our own clan chat! This clan will be opened for ALL Ironmans, Hardcore Ironmans and Ultimate Ironmans. 

To Join the clan In-game, Enter "Irons"

Reason towards why you should become an Ironman or Join the Clan Chat?

- Being an Ironman is enjoyable and keeps you motivated.

- Stops your gambling addictions.

- Actually makes you experience the game and it updates your knowledge on RSPS and Rs in general about the games.

- Good to play on your own while chatting to other Ironmans in the clan.

- Having Ironman contests on who can be the best Ironman.


The ranks in the Clan Chat will be given based on your activity as an Ironman and how well you assist other un-experienced Ironmans In-game and elsewhere.

Owner - Government

Co-Owner - Iron Khaotic

Captain - XXXX

Lieutenant - XXXX

Sergeant - XXXX

Corporal - XXXX

Recruit - XXXX


Feel free to also join our Forums Club here >> 




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