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To know what is the server situation please read this link: 




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  1. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    I got an Xbox One but i Cba playing it lul, gets to boring
  2. Rank request by: Jjike

    Congratulations, Please keep active on forums as it's a requirement for the Veteran Rank aswell as the 3 Years, Thanks! ~ Closed
  3. question

    Hello ab0vadcl0udz, The developers aswell as the Owner known as 'Grinder' is working extremely hard to get the NEW client up and running, if they cannot get it to work then they're just going to release the OLD Grinderscape Client Version which is 2012 or 2013. Please stay tuned within the Forums etc as we've released some beta versions in the past and will may be doing some more soon. Kind Regards,
  4. When We Up?

    Hello Equator and other people who are wondering when it is up. Grinder is currently working with another developer and they're both hoping to get the new client up and running by this month, if they cannot get it up and working then they're just going to release the Old Grinderscape files which is the 2013 or 2012 version of Grinderscape. So no matter what we should have a running client by this month, if you'd like to get updated more often with more information feel free to join our Grinderscape Discord, Everyone is welcome! Discord >> https://discord.gg/nDuSggu << Kind Regards,
  5. Rank request by: [Tokio Zarka]

    I'll be giving you the Forums Veteran Rank and also the Discord considering you'll probably want that too. Just try to be active on forums once the client is out as it's one of the requirements aswell as 3 years on forums, Congrats. ~ Closed
  6. Rank request by: [Skeptical]

    I'll be giving you the Veteran rank on Forums and Discord but I'd like to see you active on Forums once we've got a running client or even now, Congrats ~ Closed
  7. Rank request by: Varranak

    I'll give you the rank but once we've got the Client up and running i'd like to see you active on forums, Congrats ~ Closed
  8. Forum Rank Requests

    Hello Everyone, We've decided to allow you guys to start applying for the Veteran Forums Rank for the time being as it has nothing to do with In-game. We won't be allowing any sort of In-game Ranks being requested even if you get the rank on Forums too such as Dicer Rank etc. Veteran Requirements? - Your forums account must be atleast 3 years old min - Must be active on Forums Once In-game has been released we'll slowly start allowing more Ranks being requested but for the time being we're only allowing Veteran. Kind Regards,
  9. Re-Cap about what's going on!

    Nothing will be given back apart from the Ranks as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Dear Players, I'm just going to be giving you guys a brief re-cap on what's going on at the moment. So what's going on is that our Owner ' Grinder ' also known as ' Lou ' is working very hard to get a running client up and going for us to use. He's been having to make a new client from scratch because of our OLD Developer stealing the Grinderscape files and running away with them. Lou is currently working on trying to get the new Grinderscape client up and running next month and the server will be 07 Based as many of the community members requested. I hope you guys realise how hard it is to code a whole new server after loosing so much motivation by having someone you had trusted for over 5 years just steal something away from you... Lou is helping us guys, so let's help him by showing support! If you've got any questions feel free to comment down below and I'll be more than happy to answer them Kind Regards,
  11. The Grinderscape Situation

    Joe, you say we've taken all the retards off your shit server? Clearly not becausr you're still playing it . You also say having me as admin is going to make Grinderscape go places? Yeah places higher than shitrum aka etherum. How can i play PB600's stolen shit ass 50 player count server when the bad staffteam ip banned me cause they got hardcore triggered over being demoted on here? Youtube video loc???
  12. 404 not found...

    Hello Axuu98, There's currently no client available because our OLD Developer known as Pb600 decided to steal the Grinderscape Server without any sort of permission. If you'd like to read more about the situation please click this link >> https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=465087 << The owner known as Grinder aka Lou is trying very hard to release a new Rsps Called 'Grinderscape' and it's now going to be 07 based as the community requested. Kind Regards,
  13. Keen for Grinderscape release! :D 

  14. The Grinderscape Situation

    Mate, first of all you say Lou is a quitter? Is this a serious question, can you read? because from how I'm seeing it you obviously can't if you're saying Lou is a quitter. If he was he wouldn't be creating another Grinderscape server (07 Based) from scratch because Pb is a little snitch and stole Lou's Rsps, so please re-think that one because Pb is the lazy one overall. You also say Everything Lou does is either incomplete or could be easly done? Do you even follow onto Pb's updates? every update Pb does is either fucking shit and easy to do which only is useful for 1 week or it's either incomplete such as the Premium point shop aka Donator store, he promised that he'd release the Recovery point store but what now? He's not doing it anymore because he WANTS more people to donate so he can spend it on his wife and not care about the Rsps. Lastly you say 'Pb basically run the show' yes bud you're 100% correct, he ran the Server into going from 800+ Player count to a 50 player count daily because of the dead/shit content he thinks of. You've done a nice Job Mate.