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  1. Favorite staff of all time

    My favourite was Jess definitely hottest grill.
  2. Pretty Fucked up...

    sounds like you have a gambling addiction
  3. Give me a good answer

    I accidentally said "nigga" in-front of a black guy and he got mad.
  4. Giveaway since I have quit

    I could do with a torva set IGN: systempk
  5. End of 2015

    yes carl we will rage :svengasm:
  6. My year aye. 2015 goes by.

    gz cuzzy, have a good 2k16 SK!
  7. Happy Birthday Byron

    Happy birthday. Byron.
  8. What did you do this Christmas?

    Trained 4 hours straight christmas eve, slept in on christmas day then had late lunch with family, chilled with some friends after that. Got a bunch of clothes and shit, money, vouchers and pussy. The usual.
  9. Thanks for this kristen. Happy kristenmas <3
  10. giveaway! :)

    16. Roguesniper. my acc's been hacked so my friend lets me use his acc
  11. whats so bad bout any of this?
  12. #Truth2012

    people got in trouble for calling u a boy and, well u r a boy. anyway it doesnt matter thats the past
  13. Everyone comment :D

    and watching kids ehehehe
  14. Everyone comment :D

    kristen what about the arcade? my favourite thing bout grinder is just talking to people on sb and w3 pking, sometimes