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  1. Re-Cap about what's going on!

    Why do u have donator ranks u never donated for? And my S-donator / dicer rank as missing on forums.
  2. A Global Moderator Promotion

    Maybe thats why he banned u my love
  3. My grinderscape gurney is over

    Goodluck with whatever you plan buddy. I know you will come back
  4. Rant

    Well Said Pb. Completely agree.
  5. In-game Achievement ranks

    I don't know if you know how IPB System works. But you can simply delete a specific rank from all players from the ACP. So they can so that players regain them again, since everything was reset so this should be as well
  6. Jamie's Feedback Guide

    Guides in 2017 LUL On behalf of So Yontoo.
  7. 1st in-game?

    Congrats on the drop. Edited -

    1. Shiv


      Are you drunk posting again? 

  9. Content Designer rank explained

    Good job Mateus. Now finally knobheads will know how hard it is, Keep up the good work guys.
  10. I surely look forward to it, will try whatever I can do. Edit: Since I have exams, there is no 100% Guarantee I may be able to do those.
  11. Graphic Designer rank

    Can i get my rank back pls? @Vape Lord Nord
  12. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    Good job on the Giveaway, and goodluck to all applicants
  13. congrats

    Gz nubas, Hope I can join you
  14. Ask me

    1. Why are you Nublet? 2. What color Underwear are you wearing as you read this? 3. Are you a virgin? 4. How did you come to Grinderscape? 5. Who's your Nublet King? 6. How was your time as a Rent-A-Mod? 7. Do you hate me? 8. Whats the best trolling you've done on Grinderscape?