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  1. #RoastMe


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      One word. Jess

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      pretended to be a girl

  2. Wall of Shame?

    LOL I think this should be a good thing. No publicity is bad.
  3. Hello Grinderscape Players, To promote our Facebook page, we will be hosting a little event to get you guys to go out and like our page. Click here to check out our page and participate in the event! You will have a chance to win prizes like super donator, regular donator, and a max set! We will be randomly selecting from a pool of players and fans who comment on our post. Remember, if you want your video, event, or advertisement shown on the facebook page, give us a like and PM either me or Saim and we can promote your video, event, or advertisement on the Facebook page. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  4. Oldfag cc Tits

    Omg LOLOLOL I'm crippled but I survive!
  5. Discord?

    #1. Zachery is not my friend. Lol #2. Open your mind. If there are more people agreeing with me than disagreeing, maybe you're the one in the wrong? Also, where in my thread did I trash or insult you or the discord? Like you saw me say in the SB, I stated my opinion as neutrally as possible through my own perspective. I wasn't rude, I didn't talk down. I explained a problem, I offered a solution. For you to reign down all these insults and condescending statements is really what's immature. I'm behind everything that happened to me in the discord. I was, like I said, a cunt about it and I agreed to put it behind me. Ask Joe. Ask Tyler. The only reason I posted is because Divonux was looking for solutions and I felt a need to now make my opinions public as it was an appropriate setting. Take it how you want to, but I said what I had to say. If you don't like it, that's your problem. So don't make it mine.
  6. Discord?

    This thread right here is the exact reason I hate everything about Discord. It's a great source of communication and interaction when it's used and when it's controlled by the right people. However, the right people are not in charge of it. I've brought that up to Joe and as he told me, he's straightening it out and looking into it more. We are all Grinderscape players. All of us. In this thread, it's an all out war between whether Discord or Forums is better. In the end, there is nothing effective about this thread as it's turning into more of an aggression than a solution. There is too much toxicity with the members within the discord and within the forums. Players who use one or the other don't like each other. I have my reason, everyone else has theirs. I can't speak for anyone else, but Ryan hit it on the head for me. The forums are dead. They died shortly before we made the switch to ISP. Before then, the SB was the only active part of the SB, now it's kinda shitty as it is super limited. I's unfortunate, but true. For the longest time, we've been encouraging and even urging people to make forum accounts so the forums wouldn't be useless. However, with the discord, you're limiting and even taking away form that. People completely skip the forum interaction and go straight to the discord. I saw Cinderblock say all the SB is, is This isn't true at all. You would know that if you used the forums. That comment alone discredited you, shows you're clearly biased. The first time I had any direct interaction with Cinderblock was in Discord. I was adding music to the musicbot and I added 2 songs by the same artist and he says "can we not flood the queue" then proceeded on by saying the music I and Tabor was picking was shit and no one wanted to listen to it. Now, a few weeks later, he's chat mod because he's friends with Saim. Saim's reasoning for him being a chat mod. "He's been there since day 1." So have a lot of people. Now Divonux is the other non-staff chat mod. He started the Discord with Saim. Does that make him fit to moderate? Right now, as I said in a private feedback thread, Discord is now an entity of GS since it is promoted on the forums and ingame, it is encouraged by staff, and it is stickied in News & Announcements. That being said, as an entity of GS, it should be moderated and managed by GS. At first, I like Divonux. He was a pretty cool guy. Until I saw him try and enforce rules that literally didn't exist. He tells people what to do and what not to do (rarely) but he's more of a boss rather than a moderator. He has 0 leadership experience or skill. And the biggest thing about this is that he thinks he's in charge of the world. I lost respect for him after I saw that side of him. That all being said, GS needs to take charge of the Discord and allow the most active and experienced staff and even non-staff (if they can be controlled) to moderate the Discord. Right now, all the Discord is, is Saim's friends in charge and with special ranks (why do there have to be "loyal ones" and "veteran" ranks? Creates divide). If the Discord were run the proper way, I'd enjoy it. When I first joined it for the first couple weeks, I did enjoy it. I went on there to talk, listen to music, meet people and everything went well. It's when I saw who really used it that I started to dislike it. When I'm talking I don't like being hovered over and told what to do. I do whatever the fuck I wanna do and say as long as it's within the rules. And when there is no rule against what I'm being told not to do, I get pretty pissed. So, put the right people in charge of the Discord. I can't and GS can't tell you guys not to use it, but as long as it's an entity of GS, it should be run by GS. Not some SS who has barely proved himself as someone who can control their powers and 2 non-staff that have 0 credibility when it comes to moderating. All you do is bitch and moan, don't call someone out for it. Like I said ingame, care a little less. You care too much about little things. "Oh no, someone disagrees with what Divonux said about discord, why they always crying?" Take your own advice, if you don't like something don't join. You're not forced to... If you don't like Koen's opinion, don't respond. You're not forced to. Discord isn't making the forums inactive at all. People who say that are wrong. Again, Ryan hit the nail on the head. We have been trying to get ingame people to make forum accounts and use the forums. The Discord server takes what the forums has and brings players in making them continue to disregard the forums whereas, without the discord, the forums was the secondary place for interaction within the community. Adding a 2nd option makes the forums the 3rd option, where ingame is 1st. Creating that extra option, by default, limits players even more if they find what they like in the discord. Now, to answer the question. So, tell me guys why it is that you don't want to join and communicate with others and what we can do/add to fix it? As of late, before I started being a cunt to everyone in the discord, the one thing that made me come back was my friends who I talked with in the voice chat and the musicbot mod. One day, we were messing around having fun. Not hurting anyone. Not to mention, we were literally the only ones in there. We were moving the bot back and forth between chats as a joke. Again, only ones in there. I come back on the next day and my rights are taken away. I was never told to stop and whatnot. And this was the first time I did it, not the other time(s). Now that I can't add my own music because I was messing around, it's not really fun. So be less strict with it maybe? Also, it brings in the toxic ingame community which is the reason I don't play ingame. All the elitists who think they're better than everyone. i.e. the fake girls (lol), the power hungry, etc. What can we do to resolve these issues and get everyone back in to create a better place to be and hang around? Ego-check and power-check the "regulars" Many of them think they own the place. It's not a very inclusive environment. If you're not already friends with everyone, it's not easy to find and make friends in there. Like I said before, it's the elitists who think they're better than everyone. Create a more inclusive environment. Also, get rid of non-staff as chat mods until they prove that they can handle the responsibility of being a chat mod. Also, communicate with people before you kick them. And don't ignore them after the fact. Have a conversation instead of being better than them. Why is it that you never want to communicate through the means of the specific type of channel you're in and what could we do to change this? Same things as above. Only use the voice chat when my friends are on otherwise, the conversations usually aren't relevant to me or my specific interests. There's nothing you can do about that specifically. Is there anything we can do to help resolve these issues? I respect those who not only respect me, but respect the game. So when someone only cares about themselves and advancing themselves or taking charge, I don't find them easy to respect. I especially hate being told what to do. I don't hate anybody in the discord. I strongly dislike a few of you selfing arrogant pricks, but I don't hate anyone. I'm super easy to get along with if you're respectful and actually care about and respect the game, ask anyone who is my friend. Side note: @Saim @Cinderblock The reason for this thread was to ask for feedback. You got feedback. If you don't like it, you shouldn't have posted this thread. Expect negative things to be said. It's not a utopia, everything's not perfect. So stop fighting against what everyone is saying. You're effectively making this thread ineffective. If you disagree with feedback, ignore it and prove it wrong. When you don't notice change, maybe do something that was suggested. That's what feedback is.



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      LOLOLOLOLOL who r u?



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  8. Favorite staff of all time

    Jess K3 was my favorite
  9. I voted Sven, because when I was Jess and he was admin, we had special chats <3
  10. Pretty Fucked up...

    Donation - to willingly give equity without anything in return No one is obligated to give back their donations from you since you willingly gave it away. In the end, it's all pixels and you're just being a whiny asshole. Don't hate them for wanting wealth the same way you want wealth.
  11. Community Interviews #3!

    @Icarly65 Fucking hurt. 2 words. Carson Wentz. That is all. Goodbye. I digress. I have always loved these interviews even though I already know a lot about both of these guys, it's still interesting to read. I'm glad you've brought these back, Austin so thank you. I look forward to seeing the rest of the staff in the coming weeks.
  12. Staff Interviews Week #1

    Good to see these back. Maybe do more than 1 per week?
  13. A thread about disrespect

    @Byron couldn't be more spot on with his response. These threads don't do anything and its upsetting. But what's even more upsetting is the fact the yell is used for people to argue and be bitter toward one another. For as long as I've been here, yell was always used as Byron explained above. A bunch of friends could interact and joke and have fun, but now all yell is, is a bunch of bitter, immature, arrogant assholes. When people aren't complaining about getting killed in the wild or calling people names, yell is basically dead. There has always been a group of individuals who are most popular ingame because of yell. Examples include the names listed above by Byron. Each of the names including himself were and are all mature and respected members of GS. If you look back farther than that, the list of mature and respectable members grows. But if you look at the people who are well known now, aside from staff, none of them are respectable. They are all immature and disrespectful keyboard warriors. They think they're cool calling people names online and whatnot, like it doesn't matter to them and maybe it doesn't. But people like them ruin the game for everyone because they set the community standards and right now, the community standards are so low, you can't log ingame without seeing someone cuss someone out or flame someone on yell or argue about something ridiculous. To continue off of the original post in the thread, I agree that the disrespect of staff is also out of control. No one really appreciates or cares about staff and what they do for the server. If someone gets in trouble, they blame it on that staff member instead of holding themselves accountable for their actions. Maybe it's the generation? Maybe it's the community? I dunno. But it's a bit much and honestly, they just make themselves look like fools. Now, I wasn't there for the specific situation that was being talked about, however, I know the staff member that was involved. Knowing this staff member, I can make a very well educated guess saying that he probably, more than likely, did provoke someone over yell. Without the screenshots, no one can be for sure except the people who were present at the time of this. But regardless, with every action there is a reaction. Things aren't one sided. Yes, there are clearly screenshots showing some toxic players being disrespectful but you can't just assume they just came online and said that stuff for fun. There is only one side of this story being shown here, which is obviously in favor of the staff, however the side that is missing is just important to address as it sets a precedence for this, and other members of the staff. By disciplining only one side, you're giving the other side the idea that what they did was okay and they can and will continue to do so. I think addressing the community about disrespecting staff is a good start, however you can't let staff get away with being just as toxic in a different way.