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  1. Grinderscape now and then,

    As a very, VERY long time veteran (Joined 2012), it pains me to see this happen. I had to witness the decline of one of my favorite servers, and every day I would watch the player count dwindle a few people at a time. We had a small spike in returning players, but lack of any updated content caused them to disappear again, including me. Some turn offs were the fact that weapon game is such a vital part of anything related to this RSPS, which should be the opposite. It made it feel like WG was the RSPS and Grinderscape was the minigame afterwords. All of the content that WAS added were either dead within a week or not that good to begin with. When I first joined in 2012, this game was thriving. Constant #1 spot in votes, extremely good economy, etc. Of course, the running joke was "If there's a bug fix, 2 more are added" because like Grinder said, he made some mistakes while coding which should be well expected considering he wasn't that experienced at that time. I was there the day that updates and such were basically announced only for Pb to do; Updates got longer delays, more bugs, less content, and less support from the community. He IS A MAJOR REASON why this server started to die. Our suggestions for actual quality content and QOL fixes were denied and ignored, while content focused on absolutely no goal - seemingly random - along with content that made absolutely no sense at all, weren't warranted, or basically ones that were half-assed and all f*cky, those were the ones accepted. Pb only listened to some people when it came to those, hence that. Godspeed Grinder, you still have some support for the community.
  2. Need Urgent Help

    The cache is also where your username and passwords are stored if you selected the "Remember Me" option. 0/10, Don't trust.
  3. Anyone know WTH Error Code: 32 is and why everyone's clients are borked atm?


  4. Please tell Tyler to get on forums please or can you PM me. It's very urgent.

    1. Daxx


      Sure thing mate, will get to it as soon as possible :) 

  5. Please PM me, I need to talk to you. Very urgent, not a joke.

  6. The Return of a long dead group

    You both joined in 2013 This was made back when Gkkk was still around and World 2 and etc Thanks though
  7. Trying to revive clutch x.x POSITIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT R U SRS 4 PK? Well, good. Because I'm not. But, that doesn't mean this isn't a PK group. Although being a PK group, that also doesn't mean we aren't anything else either. This isn't in Clan Discussion because it's, well, not a clan. It's a forum group. I feel it easier to manage and moderate all conversation in a forum group than an open public CC. Move this to Clan Discussion [MENTION=27473]Mod[/MENTION]s if you feel it goes there IF YOU ARE BAD AT PK / WANT TO PISS SOMEONE OFF / WANT SOMEONE TO STOP HARASSING YOUR PK SPOT -- THIS IS A GROUP TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS (You most likely wont be able to join though, more on that later) Enough of this ballyhoo. Time to get down to buisness. Now, pk can't / can earn you much $$$, but some people feel this is rather slow and not everyone can risk 4 torva sets and 1k noted dragon claws or something. Well if you feel you need a little quicker $ for / from PK here's the right group for you. The thing is, we're NOT the average PK clan. In fact, we're not affiliated with group pk at all! So why is this a 'PK' group? I'm getting there. We are AND aren't PK. Confused? Good, that's the point. We ARE pk because members of our group can go out and PK and are affiliated with us ONLY IF certain conditions apply. If member is assigned player (More information for all of these further below) Player does not use group for personal gains aside from monetary payment Doesn't kill more than the target and/or more than specified times and expect (added) reward aside from PK drops Yes, you read correctly. "Target". The group will work as follows in steps: Higher ranked group members are contacted and asked for services If accepted, payment is demanded Group members are volunteered to fight target (with proof of kill) - IF member dies they forfeit ANY reward from assignment Player will recieve a rounded estimate of between 30-33% of reward money (Whichever is easiest to find - pre calculate 33% if you want max pay) IF they kill target and show proof Now, the rule of "Kill them and don't die and THEN you get paid" might seem harsh but it only ensures quality players that know their shit and way around pking will be with us. Now, if you've read this entire thing thinking "I'm not a good pker and the same asshole camps me and only kills me and blah blah" or something along those lines, here's the part you'll be most interested in! Now, to ensure we don't harass ourselves here's a list of things to remember: ONLY 3 kill MAXIMUM per assignment Minimum pricing is 15,000,000 coins (15m), or 10,000,000 (10m) (ea) for more than 1 kill Higher your price, the higher prior to ANY PARTIES KILL EACH OTHER Payments can be made with items AND cash, just items, and just cash. If more than one player is assigned (Special circumstances), the reward will be split WE DO WORK MINIGAMES SUCH AS WEAPON GAME - SO RIP VINE WHIP CLAN WHORES This was made to HELP people who are having a hard time in pk! Only certain people within the group may be contacted to start Alright, so if you have any questions, concerns, applications, then reply or hit me in the face with a forum PM **DISCUSSION ON TARGETS AND PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE VIA FORUM PM ONLY FOR SECURITY REASONS** We reserve the right to change, update, add to, delete, or otherwise modify these with and without your knowledge. Is it your responsiblity to remain up to date on these, however they will more than likely not change often
  8. Ingame name: Bsebt Attack style: Melee Combat level: 131 Do you own a working microphone? Yis Any other info we need to know? Ask and you'll get answer
  9. When you dice..

    Speaking about posting the obvious..
  10. " We Will Rise " - The Real Wep Game CC

    In Game Name : bsebt Melee (165+) : N/A Range (100+) : 126 Why should we let you in ? I've bounced around from clan to clan before, I originally started with crew then they started bsing so I left to join Mistica, after they turned me down I quit WG for a while. Would love to join a clan that's against crew, but then again that's entirely your decision so I'll let you decide as you wish. (Also, I use EVERY leech at once to get the full draining effects, rendering them useless after time.) P.S.- I do NOT use the weapon game bug.
  11. What bug abuse is.

    I've been seeing more and more people report for bug abuse in weapon game, and a lot more doing it in game (Even some of the people who reported it :fp: ) So, in case you guys didn't know here's a chance to learn before you make the mistake of doing the bug. RELOGGING IN WEAPON GAME IS BUG ABUSE. There's simply no way to sugar coat that, if you didn't know this then now you do. The goal of this post is to remind those that read this that it is in fact a bug, and CAN get you banned for doing. Just a friendly reminder that this is bug abuse and can get you banned, just in case some of you didn't know. What is bug abuse? Well, it's using faults or bugs (hence the name 'bug' abuse) to get an unfair advantage at all. The example above is logging in and out of weapon game, which gives you full prayer and Hp on log in. Another example: If the AGS special attack was bugged and didn't wear down the special bar on use and attacked instantly, you could spam it at bosses or PvP to get an extremely unfair advantage. Small reminder that if you ever do find a bug, please report it IMMEDIATELY to the Bug Report section of the forums, located by clicking here. If the bug is known already and others are abusing it, please report them for bug abuse, the thread where you can do so is located here.
  12. Cleared

  13. I'd donate like $5,000 to grinderscape, then put the money in the bank and live my normal life, with my normal job, and just use it for emergencies.
  14. Wg-rebels

    In Game Name: Bsebt Weapon Game Level: 126 Combat Level: 132
  15. Fox Clan Recruiting

    ]STAFF UPDATE AND CHANGE Blade K0 has been removed from the clan staff due to inactivity. His position (and ALL normal applications, as per usual) are now open!