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  1. Application for joining

    yeahhh idk if this is a joke or serious, but no cc wants you.
  2. AC crushes BG again...

    Gonna be honest here, we started war with 10, ended with 9. End of story. You guys had more people than us, and just need to admit it. And i defiantly don't wanna see @Emq talking, cause he's scared of me and all other #BG members, including rope, russ, ziko, and them. Another point, decent vid, but your guys' callouts are all over the place, and you have a lot of retards in the cc trying to be big and make calls, you should maybe tell them to be quiet or something.
  3. #In-Control Main Nhing Team Takeover Unit

    I Appreciate it.
  4. Pk tournament clan wars 2v2 man team

    In-Game Name: Gemini Team Name: In-Control Partners In-Game Name: 8bits
  5. #In-Control Main Nhing Team Takeover Unit

    Thanks! Stay tuned
  6. Main Nhing Team^^^

    Turned to Nhing Team.
  7. #In-Control started as a Runescape nhing sri team and then became a power house in the multi pking scene. We then moved to multiple other RuneScape Private Servers and ran the very active pking scene on those servers. The team was helped run by Co-founders Man Down and Vex. We plan to run the wilderness in this game as we did in RuneScape and other RSPS servers . This Team is made up of the #1 nhers in-game. We look forward to making new rivals and friends in the clanning scene. Owner / Founder Gemini Leader Try Us Bruh High Council 8bits The B A N G WarLord Jenatar Jays0n Honored C0nz0le This clan is not a public clan it's a private clan meaning invites only. For an invite to the team, Pm Gemini in-game or message my forums account.
  8. clans

    I have a pure cc, we're not recruiting however. Try pure pking at edge or main pking!
  9. AC Cant Hang W/ Gang

    Sick vid, hope to have more wars like this with them
  10. Main Nhing Team^^^

    As post said, invite only. Sorry bud. You will be contacted when we feel the need for you. Thanks, God Squad
  11. Main Nhing Team^^^

    good luck once again bud.
  12. Main Nhing Team^^^

  13. Main Nhing Team^^^

    our 07 days have passed, in 07. lol