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  1. Favorite staff of all time

    @Mike for being the most freakishly dedicated ingame mod/admin/player that I know @Flower was an "inspiration" (if the word could be used for something so silly as rsps online forum moderation) for me to deal with staff situations professionally (I loved the way she formatted the original forum rules) @icarly 64 for being the second funniest guy on the website, the funniest being @slit my wrists @icarly 65 for being the big lipped sidekick of the funniest guy on the website @Jordy a great forum dev, took a lot of community feedback, did a lot of good stuff for this website @Pb600 for keeping the game going, even though he might not have the best ideas sometimes @Pmalhi for being a leader, I appreciate that he did what he thought was best even though sometimes he could take it too far @cpt dex best co owner 2k14 brb going to the gym @Whitey best co owner 2k14 brb going to the bans
  2. Sitting here wishing you were here. Things just aren't the same after you've been gone...



  3. What did you do this Christmas?

    Not true, you helped me play mh3u
  4. Christmas Giveaway!

    ECQ-HuArv3s I think we have a winner
  5. GKKK is back and we want you!

    IGN: Bbjjl5 Combat stats: maxed Activity: The last time I was on GKKK still owned the wildy, so it's been a while. Method of Player Killing: Whatever way is the cheapest/most op And even a reason on why you want to join: 4swag
  6. rollback

    Wouldn't it be unfair to the people who gained something that would be lost in a rollback too?
  7. My Thoughts..... R.I.P

    #OccupyGrinderscape But really, I think that when people argue this stance they fail to take into account that there's no possible way to make 100b+ from PVE in a reasonable amount of time. Sure, it's possible to get a T set, but you can't be rich from it. The only viable way to be rich is to do risk games (staking and dicing). By the way, there's no possible way for us to have a stable economy while we have donations possible. Donations literally create money from nothing, so a stable economy is not an option.
  8. Problem with the community

    I wholly agree that post count is too highly regarded. Another example of this would be people who post on help threads with the same answer as someone who previously posted. For me it's less about the post count itself, but rather the links that people go to in order to get a higher post count. I encourage everyone to post frequently, however don't post unnecessarily. I actually made a guide as to how I think people should post ( http://forum.grinderscape.org/showthread.php?44795-How-to-make-good-posts ). Also, I'd like it if you linked me to this thread of yours, seeing as how it's my responcibility to take care of things like this (that is if it's in my section).
  9. Grinderscape

    Honestly, if I didn't have friends here I definitely wouldn't be here right now. For me it has nothing to do with the game at all, it's really my friends that keep me here. I feel it's the same way with most people.
  10. Something I like about Donator priveleges.

    I would also like to say that I agree with what you said here. Pay to win is a philosophy that I can say for sure that no one here really likes, but really I'm not sure if the donations were even planned to be this way :hippie. I think that if there are donor only items they should be strictly cosmetic, which is actually the way that we have it now. (I just wish there were some cooler cosmetics :hippie) Anyways, thanks for the feedback, feel free to suggest more. We can only grow if we are told by the community what we need to work on.
  11. buying donar for official middle man!

    Fixed. -closed
  12. Grinderscape game app

    This would be a ridiculous project to create. First of all, I doubt Pb600 knows the Iphone/android architecture nearly as well as what he would need to know it to create something like this. He can't simply just move the computer GS over to a phone, he would have to optimize it, and basically rework it up from the ground up. There is absolutely no way this would ever happen.
  13. Banner Question/Concern

    Didn't you hear? We're Grwnderscape now.
  14. What would you do, if you had an hour to live?

    So in your very last hour of life on Earth, you would want to be known for being a completely despicable person? You would want whoever you leave behind to remember you as a rapist or a murderer? Personally, I really don't know what I'd do. I probably just spend all my time saying goodbye.
  15. "You're Gay" .... Really?

    Well, I guess that's a good point to make... I chose the story because it illustrated my point better than the other ones could have, which was a mistake on my part. Be that as it may, I still think that the best way to solve this problem is to educate people on why to not use the word. I do not mean to censor them, but to tell them why it is considered unfit to be used, and it just so happened that there was a graphic myth of why the word is bad. Lying probably isn't the best way to educate people though :hippie.