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  2. Jorge my boy!
    Whats going on?

    1. Jking229


      Not much fam just been doing irl stuff and when the OSGS come out I might be playing again. :P

    2. Varranak


      I probably wont play it. Will most likely only check it out thats about it..

    3. Jking229


      Well hopefully it's good.


  3. The Gang abuses AOG [18+ BRUTAL]

    This is the most pathetic name for this Video. You killed 2 members of AOG, I would like to congratulate your clan for doing that, really you done a super job of killing only 2 members It really does seem this video is for your own clan just to re-watch over and over to feed your own egos or something. Pretty good editing, just the content and the title is your downfall. Better luck next time.
  4. Grinderscape War - 1/29/17 Gang vs AoG

    I couldn't be bothered watching it all, but the parts I did watch was pretty good. What were the numbers for them like tho? Looked like you had massed against them during the parts I watched.
  5. @Staff

    Shoulda put that with the original thread right? First off, you say your video is worth a lot more than a cash donation? GrinderScape GP isn't worth more than a cash donation? Second, 'donating' to the server isn't really donating though since you are practically buying something. But you are still all over the place with your payments and what not. Thats all I gotta say, good luck with it though champ.
  6. @Staff

    First off, I sorta don't believe that is actually you, you haven't supplied anyone with any significant evidence that you are actually Dead Botting. "I dont make content for money" You are demanding money for you to make content of this server? So you do make content for money then. Now you are saying you will take Grinderscape GP as your payment? Then you continue to say your video will be a donation? How can it be a donation when you are demanding some sort of payment? This just make no sense to me, I don't believe you are Dead Botting and you are changing your decision/opinion every reply you make.
  7. updates????REALESE ALREADY

    I actually lost track a couple of times cause every sentence is the same shit
  8. Multilogging in Weapon Game?

    I agree with Sven 100%, even though as you can see in the screenshots I am multi logging myself with 'Varranak' and 'Bdx'. Even if people don't like multi logging in weapon game, it is actually compulsory at the moment because if you step out with just one account you will not last... At all.. I've been contemplating the last 2 months about creating a thread similar to this one. I don't understand how staff(No disrespect) or who ever got the idea that multi logging in weapon game would increase activity for the game? I've read the replies to this thread, and I can personally say neither team can truthfully deny to camping new players since I have seen it first hand and even done it myself to the new players I dislike. The rules should be replaced with the old ones. No multi logging at all and No boosting at all. The rate of boosting at this time is unbelievable, and it's really just made me bored of the game. I was talking to a casual weapon game player that I have played with for years, and we were talking about how Weapon game used to be great with Free-For-All in the northern part of the map and massive wars, that was the real thrill of the game and gaining levels and it actually made you feel like you achieved something. In the state that weapon game is in at the moment is just dull and the same shit every single day, the same people every single day. No new people are joining at all, so I believe the weapon game system should be rethought and even ask some weapon game players some questions before making new rules and stuff because a lot of them have good ideas. I probably left some shit out, but you get the idea.
  9. The Gang still running in the screets

    I must remind you.. The last couple of days we've been taking you guys out, even when you team with Hmong.
  10. WG United (Weapon game clan)

    Thats true, never see you is wg Tyran
  11. WG United (Weapon game clan)

    Why is one of your rules not to multi log in wg? Your whole clan does it anyway, same with everyone pretty much l0l
  12. Small Giveaway Event v2 - 2016

    Bdx Good luck!
  13. CLOSED - Giveaway Event ! - -

    In-game name: Bdx or Varranak (I'm usually on Bdx though) Thanks for hosting the give away c: