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  1. Fight Caves

    I skipped to 57, and had used all of my food by 60. The meleer hits constant 25s.
  2. Fight Caves

    Putting this here, as it isn't a suggestion, it's more a question. What happened to fight caves? Why were the safespots removed? As basically everyone knows, there are safespots on runescape, and these make fight caves viable to complete; without them too much damage is taken before Jad can even be reached. What the removal of the safespots has done is basically forced people to either donate for the fire cape, or buy super donator in order to have enough food for the Jad fight. This needs to be fixed. I don't think a Fire Cape should be obtainable in any other way than killing Jad, and the safespots need to be added back in order to make fight caves possible again.
  3. Justin's Back!

    JUSTINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN <3 I honestly didn't picture you returning to be honest, but it's fantastic to see you back! NexusV2?
  4. Help Official Clan Thread

    Keep the posts on topic please. This is a clan thread, not a thread in random stuff.
  5. Time to demote an abusing moderator.

    For one, this thread should have been in staff feedback, I hate it when people call a staff member out for a mistake hoping people jump on the bandwagon with them. Before I close this, I'm basically going to echo what Sven has said. I have had this situation with forums staff in the past and I understand completely what happened. Amninder I know that when someone is flaming you it is hard not to respond, and it can really be frustrating, but you chose to become a staff member, and when you did that you needed to realise that in situations like that you need to hold your tongue and be professional. It isn't for the sake of the person you're arguing with, but as I've said multiple times, no new player feels comfortable if the atmosphere is toxic, especially if that is partly involving someone who is meant to be a role model for the community. You're a new staff member, you'll learn and improve from this I'm sure, we all make mistakes mate. -Closed
  6. All I'm going to say is, the reason I put bank much so high was because he had all but 1 KLS in game at the time he played (7/8) and almost all of the bob shirts, so his bank was essentially whatever he wanted it to be. Not to mention the thousands of claws and vines. Kyle/ Herpies was probably 2nd at that time, dis was when I was a wanabee mm at duel, I knew the richies
  7. 1. Bank Much 2. Bbqsauce 3. Russ 4. iBlaze 5. Mazana123 Most ended up fking up and are banned.
  8. You got my name the wrong way around Hopefully this will take off!
  9. To those who think the server is dying

    Summer is the key point in that post. We will always have more players in the summer guaranteed, people are going back to school, college or university now and don't tend to have nearly as much free time to play. We've lost far more players due to school than we have to anything else. It happens, and those players will most likely return very soon when school settles. We'll never hit over 1000 in my opinion, but that isn't because we are bad, that's because RSPS' are becoming far less popular as a whole. 07 is becoming far more successful and offering far more things to do and it hits every server equally. We have our personal issues which we need to sort out but most RSPS' have suffered huge player losses, it happens.
  10. Pk Tournament Bracket

    Other than the last fight where I was extremely unlucky, I was terrible. I've not pked that badly in a while. Gf Chris, maybe next time I won't be so bad
  11. Pk Tournament Signup

    In game name is lootmorecash. Missed this y0
  12. Personal Information

    This is something which has been occurring on the forums over the past few years, and although it is not frequent, it needs to stop. I'm sick and tired of people deeming it acceptable to spread personal information on the forums. It is personal for a reason and I refuse to tolerate people spreading it, whether it be a joke or to get one over on someone. The people who have done it know who they are. Just because someone trusts having you as a facebook friend or whatever, doesn't mean that you can then go and plaster information on the forums for everyone to see. The forums staff have been made aware of this, and any instances of this happening in the future will result in serious punishments. If you feel that your social media accounts have been subject to this, my advice to you would be to make your accounts private to anyone who is not your friend/ follower, remove anyone who has done this and let one of us know.
  13. Veterans of the Grinder

    Seen some good posts on here that could be taken into consideration. Firstly I agree that 1.5 years is a little too short, and an extension to like 2.5 years would be sufficient. However as I've told you before I like to base it on general activity. I'll use a player called The Hoods as an example. People complained about him getting the veteran rank with 50 posts, even though he had been active on the Shoutbox for the entire time and had tens of thousands of shouts. Therefore I'd prefer if it was based more on TSO than post count. I also like the idea [MENTION=67306]Nate[/MENTION] had of the Vet rank being a different colour for those who had been here for longer. Obviously we have a lot of ranks already, so rather than having them as 2 ranks alongside each other, the older veterans will have their ranks switched when they reach the higher tier of veteran. Keep suggesting ideas if you have them.