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  1. hello

    hello, last time i played this was a little over 2 years ago, just decided to pass by and say hello does anyone remember me?
  2. Who's clan is better?

    whose* i'd go with KOP or w/e it was called lel
  3. IG Username Change #2

    I voted no, because you should've been thinking what your name will be, when making a new account
  4. Sven Fan Club - Official Clan Club Thread

    10/10 clan can i have admin plz
  5. What did you do this Christmas?

    Played osrs all day. Christmas - exp waste
  6. Giveaway

    I was a kid. I went to the shower and then i really wanted to take a shit, but I didnt want to go to the bathroom so I took a shit in the shower. It smelled so bad that I lost control and shit even more. My mom asked me why is it taking you so long to take a shower? Then I started to panic and shit even more. When I was done showering, I forgot I took a shit and I stepped in my shit, all my foot was covered in shit. I then washed everything from my foot. I didnt have anything to take shit with so I took it with my bare hands. I didnt know my mom was right in the door so when I opened the door she saw me with shit in my hands. It smelled really bad. I didnt know what to say or what to do so I just put the shit on the floor and ran away.
  7. Christmas Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone!
  8. St. Nickales' Christmas Giveaway!

    I've been a nice boy this year pls bb nick
  9. Y O L O - New pure clan !

    very mlg clan good luck
  10. Christmas Giveaway!

    Task 4:Christmas story? oh boy here we go Christmas was on its way and santa sven had to give out presents to children and families around the world. But santa sven was 2lazy to do that so he asked his elves for help, but they were lazy too, so they asked for help from santa sven v2, but he was 2lazy too, so he asked his elves for help, but they were 2lazy. Then they asked Johnnie da Mlg swag Elf for help and he was the only one, who wasnt lazy and then he went to an adventure giving the children their presents. When Johnnie Elf was flying through bermuda triangle, a wild illuminati appears and destroys Johnnie da Mlg swag Elf's spaceship and he fell to da triangle, but illuminati was like "im 2gud" and saved Johnnie da Mlg swag Elf and helped him to gift the presents. That's how illuminati is a gud guy < confirmed Task 5: i want a vine, cus im not 2gud and im lazy to farm 5k gsp. I would really, really appreciate it if you, Santa Sven swaggity swag, could give me da vine and we will marry later. IGN: bloodbird
  11. Got hacked today

    Good luck with rebuilding y u no put bank pins (goku facepalm) '-' >…>
  12. My bank so far, without dicing/staking.

    It's so organized and pretty in there
  13. My bank

    1800m vls??!
  14. dragon full helm ornement kit

    Russel has one
  15. Happy birthday Max!

    Happy birthday nerd!