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  1. New usernames

    After 2 years of waiting for PB to change my name on W1, I finally got to snatch the name "Angel" , but I still have "One Skiller" as well.
  2. Goodbye Grinderscape !

    Hahahahahahahaha, don't scare me like that
  3. hey bro thanks for following me

  4. Fuck GrinderScape

    Bye Felicia !
  5. Ingame Name: Pure Zero Stats option (A,B,C): A - But I am 63 Attack and Level 84 CB. Picture of Bank (including pk sets): Picture of inventory for pk trip: Screenshot of stats: Do you have Raidcall?: Nope. Do you have any previous clan experience on grinderscape as pure?: No, never had the urge to join a clan. I would've applied last year, but then I quit. Why should we accept YOUR application: Would love to be in a clan, Pked with friends at Avatars and Green Dragons. I think it would be an awesome achievement for me to join the best Pure Clan in Grinderscape! :thumbup:
  6. One of the most annoying things

    I think that people who do this and repeat because they never "saw" the yell that answered their P/c or Question mainly because they don't even look, have everything public (Spammed in GE) or (Spammed in ClanChat) which causes them to lose their answer. But they are lazy enough to just scroll up to check, instead they repeat it over yell again. I even yelled out to that person saying "Omg Megasena, it's 16-18B Blake Said." I guess some people are just lazy to scroll up and look for themselves.