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  1. yo


    1. Deadlyarrow
    2. larsorick


      if you got discord add me my name is warlord wub #9430 we'll talk there cuz everyone can read this


    3. Deadlyarrow


      Can't find you. Add mine: HKG#5398

  2. Multi is dead.

    It's 200 people because they allowed multilogging in weapon game lmao
  3. Multilogging in Weapon Game?

    Ikr, And when you relog you spawned on the same spot etc, these were pretty much the only times I enjoyed wg most
  4. Multilogging in Weapon Game?

    My alts are banned and the staff team refuse to unban / recover my accounts so I support
  5. WG United (Weapon game clan)

    gg wg is mine now
  6. Give me a good answer

    When black people says white boi, snowflake or w.e, it's not racist, but when white people say black, nigga or w.e it's racist. lol ok
  7. Resistance

    best of luck !!!!
  8. Event - How many beans?

    100, 200, 300
  9. Multilogging should be a rule regardless how dead the minigame is, some people don't give a damn about the rule on attacking somebody 1 on 1, but go 3 on 1 as all those 3 accounts is 1 person. Since the playerbase dropped, how cannot the weapon game playerbase not drop? I agree with you, Sven
  10. Easy Giveaway! 24,5b !!

    Gl too all ING: Deadlyarrow.
  11. Gg Elite

    This post was made to cause drama as usual
  12. Get to Know Your: In-game Moderators

    Wtf is jack really 12?
  13. Gangstas [ Weapon Game ]

    In-Game Name: Deadlyarrow. Weapon Game Melee Lvl: 506. Weapon Game Range Lvl: 499. Previous Weapon Game Clan(s): Been in all clans Why you want to join: No good reasons but eh, been helping Ganstas lately so now I would like to join it. The enemy entire team jumped me and degeared my alt + my main because I refused to off celo after he rushed me. I'd also like to apply to become war leader cause i'm muted
  14. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    u sure?