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  1. hey its me owowow/of clan wars. is server back or what pleasE?

  2. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    While we wait just wondering if anyone got the Xbox one and want to play while we're waiting for Grinderscape to re-release. Comment below your Gamertag and Which game you want to play. I have most of the Call of duties, 2k18, Fortnite, and some other games. If I don't reply on this thread feel free to message me and add my Gamertag @DCG Quads <---
  3. I hope this server gains its old former glory

    Welcome back and hope to see you in-game as soon the new client is up and running. The new server should be up by this month if not they're going to open the 2011-2012 Grinderscape so either way there going to be a running server this month.
  4. hello

    Been here for awhile and never seen that name but welcome back.
  5. Jorge my boy!
    Whats going on?

    1. Jking229


      Not much fam just been doing irl stuff and when the OSGS come out I might be playing again. :P

    2. Varranak


      I probably wont play it. Will most likely only check it out thats about it..

    3. Jking229


      Well hopefully it's good.


  6. Is this a mistake or I see a Admin rank on your forums account. Am I missing something? :troll:

  7. How is everybody day so far :D

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    2. Jking229


      Doing great! honestly can't wait till the server is back up so I can get on that grind. :)

      Hopefully Lou choosing great staff that will not leave like last time and have some faithful ones.

      Btw you're doing a great job so far @Xenomex

    3. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      Im having a fabulous day Jorge how about you sir

    4. Jking229


      Just seen what you wrote but atm at school :(:sadleek:

  8. yo got discord? add me warlord wub #9430 we'll talk there

    1. Jking229


      I don't have it rn but as soon as my phone done charging I will download it again. 

    2. larsorick
  9. The Gang abuses AOG [18+ BRUTAL]

    First and foremost you can't even spell "retard" so learn how to spell correctly also the video was trash but last but not least why waste everyone time making a shit video that involves only three kills which was speared for and massed even tho Aog hardly even pk anymore due to "The Bitch[Bang]" leaving the server then coming back when we don't play because there is no clan to fight against I give you around of applause but anyways you're a spastic Somebody please remove his video maker this shit make me cringe more than watching Everwild and aim's videos
  10. AOG merge? 5v16 cleard

    If I hear this dumb ass song one more time I'm gonna flame yoo ass.
  11. i lookfor cc

    Join The Gang they need it the most l000000000000l #aog There clan chat is our clan chat. @Emq
  12. MULTI <<<< [ EVERWILD ] >>>> PK CLAN

    Is this a joke? Anyways good luck with the "clan". #AOG
  13. In-Game Name: Jking229 Timezone / Country: United States (GMT+5) Age: 18 Combat Level (If lower than 138, show stats via screenshot): 138(Maxed) Do you have any previous experience multi-pking or with any other clans? List them: Of course you should already know l00000l I was in Kop/C men also the main cc. Why would you make a good edition to the Army Of Gods?: So I can fuck up the shit talker bang Are you able to create a discord/ teamspeak account?: Yes