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  1. Graphic Designer rank

    On discussion, it has been decided that you've been accepted. Please PM Ronald for the usertitle.
  2. Graphic Designer rank

    I'm still going to have to pend you, the last time I said I wanted to see you develop and try out something new. You've been sticking to what you feel safe with. Try tone down the amount of 3D and try something new, let me see that you are capable on every area. This is a good example of what I'd like to see more of Though I would like to see something that's not blatantly ripped from an original piece. OG: If you meet this single requirement I have for you, I'll give you the rank. Thank you.
  3. What happen?

    You gave me a warning, just because I answered LOL to my friend's comment ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????



  4. You've been given your rank in-game now, so I closed your thread. Just thought I'd let you know. 

  5. Hello

















  6. In-game Achievement ranks

    The ranks, as we see it, will be revoked and will have to be regained. New game, new life.
  7. Abou Grinderscape Reset 2008-2017

    Please change the colour of your text, it is barely readable.
  8. Event - How Many Beans 3

    Perhaps you should precisise how long this event lasts?
  9. Jamie's Feedback Guide

    This is a great guide, it even made me chuckle at first. I am sure it will help a specific demographic, rather, those who feel compelled to write, without the slightest clue of structure. For that, I applaud you. However, if you are looking for constructive criticism to your guide, one thing you could have done differently, as this is a formal guide; Please, cut the contractions. Otherwise, I r8 8/8 m8 this is gr8. On behalf of Tman786, 0xCafebabe & myself. Kay out.
  10. 1st in-game?

    Quite an achievement there, congratulations!
  11. Graphic Designer rank

    Not just yet, I need to see more of what you're able to do, I want you to expand past your comfort-zone so I wholeheartedly with confidence can say that you're deserving of the rank. Do not feel disheartened, this is just my way of saying you're doing well and that you just need that little smidgen extra. Keep at it.
  12. Can you see my G-Designer app ? 

    ty (y)