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  1. Event - How many beans?

    I guess 63, 65 and 72 hh
  2. Easy Giveaway! 24,5b !!

    my ingame name is Nelgie5, ty for hosting dis saim
  3. MOTM May: Nominations

    The only one i can think of is [MENTION=12188]Icarly65[/MENTION], i always see him helping, and is very positive to the community!
  4. MOTM April: Nomination

    I nominate [MENTION=66908]Woody[/MENTION] and [MENTION=79758]Valar[/MENTION], oh and [MENTION=83182]Nefarix[/MENTION], goodluck to everyone else!
  5. MOTM March: Nominations

    [MENTION=65272]Koen121[/MENTION] and [MENTION=66908]Woody[/MENTION] for me
  6. Showing my face again

    omg its chris!!!!!!!!! <3 welcome back!!
  7. MOTM February: Nominations

    I nominate [MENTION=66908]Woody[/MENTION] and [MENTION=83527]steezii[/MENTION]
  8. Dutch power - Official Clan Thread

    Nice thread diego, well done! I will sometimes join the clan to see how things are going, hopefully it can be just as a great clan as dutch pride <3
  9. Giveaway since I have quit

    i want one! pls
  10. MOTM January: Nominations

    The only one i can think of is [MENTION=74777]rcmbs[/MENTION], goodluck!
  11. Happy New years Grinderscape! :)

    happy new year to you too, buddy
  12. My year aye. 2015 goes by.

    Good to see that you had an succesfull year! Hopefully its going to be te same in 2016! <3
  13. Pk Tournament #6 Bracket

    [MENTION=12188]Icarly65[/MENTION] it was 4-3, not 4-1
  14. Pk Tournament #6 Bracket

    Won 4-1 against naldo, ryann witnessed