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  1. When you go support Lou/Gs

    etherum* noob.
  2. Forum clean up

    Thanks, Anzy.
  3. Piss off Jack. I'm the only one who is suppose to be on the Forums at this time.

  4. Questions for interview: Elite Moderators

    To Saim: When will I get chat mod? What do you think about All Abuse Me? Do you love me? To Chris: Do you enjoy talking to me? Do you love me? What do you think about me? K?
  5. Grinderscape now and then,

    Bashing on pb will just make it worse, coding is something us players don't not understand when I used to work with him on w4 he used to work his whole day just finding bugs not even a day weeks finding bugs so we just need to understand if we be a bit patient that I know we have for such a long time I know it will work out and we will go back at the old days when he had so many players. Instead of working on GE 24/7 you can work on these updates that won't take long as GE. 1. Add the recovery point shop. 2. Add Dragon Defenders in weapon game or another minigame.
  6. Grinderscape now and then,

    Agreed. but pb's update are great content but he takes too long.
  7. Grinderscape now and then,

    makes me laugh when I see this. old gs was very unique.
  8. Staff Interviews: Moderators

    very nice interview i was just looking at my questions i love you Kyle,Nic,Joe sorry if I missed someone but i will read this in my freetime. i still love you ayoub <3
  9. Pked Bank

    ezpz bro
  10. The State of Grinderscape

    Grinderscape is really going downhill... It's all up to the community if they want to stay or not, some people just leave for the dumbest reasons and some people just don't find the game interesting and are not addicted to and just lose hope. But what I can see in the future is average 300+ players with the really good updates that are about to come. But yeah right now grinderscape is really going downhill...

    ign jack gl
  12. react to this status to make me giggle.

  13. Questions for interview: Moderators

    Have any idea when you will resign? Do you love Jack Aka Dragenforce2? Most importantly am I a good friend?
  14. starting from fresh

    very nice