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  1. Scamming at duel arena.

    Good suggestion, but I remember I used to punish these players after warning them for trolling.
  2. A celebration turned terrible...

    Don't be afraid to ask for professional help if you need it. If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me.
  3. Did Soccerlove do the right thing?

    I'd disagree with that. The staff here, just looking at this case, is pretty bad if there's no consistency and a staff member can just change the punishment because he feels like it. Look at it like this, Ron had already decided a FAIR punishment was the clear the inventory. Alright, let's go clear the inventory and WHOOPS there goes his bank. Welp, let's just hide behind the fact he broke a rule and call THAT fair. ???? Both punishments were on the opposite sides of the spectrum and how can you call both of them fair? There's no consistency and there's something called justice (giving each their due). Something that I've learnt is the staff aren't always right, staff members make mistakes too. The problem is the community continuously backs the staff no matter what the situation is, I used to be guilty of this a lot. That makes the player who are on the "wrong side" get driven off and essentially exiled. That's the problem with the community and to call the staff team "supreme" is unbased. There are rules, but there are no consistent punishments. If this continues, I don't know what will happen to gs but the attitude that currently exists isn't helping.
  4. Did Soccerlove do the right thing?

    Why couldn't you have told Keff to clear his inventory... You can just look into his inv to verify whether he had done it or not. That's not that hard, would have saved this whole fiasco.
  5. I will put a santa hat on every single pker in that picture
  6. Pure PvP tournament

    Ingame name: Rich Skillz Stats: Combat Level: 84
  7. Favorite staff of all time

    @Michael for sure
  8. Pretty Fucked up...

    Hah 300$, entitled much It's funny how you think that's a lot compared to other players including me who have donated so much more and lost so much more. But I don't see anybody else making a thread like this. Out of your rant I pulled out two things: 1. You feel entitled and want the server to spawn stuff for you because you believe the server can just do that for you. Sorry to break your bubble, but I'm calling bullshit on the "booted off" story for two reasons. First of all, if it was a server issue then your opponent would face the same dilemma and therefore it would remain a 50-50 duel. Both of you did not lose your stakes and, let's be real, if you had won the stake you wouldn't have returned ALL the money to your opponent. So why would he, why would the server. Second of all, if it was on your side, why would the server be accountable for your loss. It was YOUR side, not the server's side. You sir, have a real entitlement issue 2. You "donated" 100-200b to other players. That's great, but why would you want the server to refund money you willingly gave to other players. If you wanted the money back, then you'd need a form of agreement between the players you gave money to otherwise it's just free money. At the end of the day, nobody gives a crap about you. You're just somebody on the other side of the internet and the mass majority of this server really doesn't care about you. Given there are exceptions, you should have seen that risk beforehand and that's not the server's issue. Lastly, why do you think the server can just "spawn" items for you. You're not special in any way. Great you've donated, so have I, where's my 100b+. The server is bad, you're right, but spawning 600b for you is really gonna help Wake up and pull your head out of your ass please, ty.

    Could have rwt and fed a village in Africa smh
  10. Aim Cleared cmen ez asf

    We'll just pretend you didn't die at 1:36 ok.
  11. Community Interviews #3!

    Aw shucks man, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside Great job on the interviews Austin keep it up
  12. [Talibans] Official PK Clan

    -In-game name(s): Rich Skilled / Rich Skillz -Level of both Pure and Main accounts: 138 (126) / 96 (84) -Maxed/Comped?: Comped / Max Pure (65 attack, 52 pray, all rest 99) -Do you think you can handle the heat?: No probably not. I'd prefer if we stayed in the air conditioning as long as possible and avoid any possible inside jobs. -Picture of inventory and gear to use in multi: Main I'll prob just dds and spear them to death Pure is legit but too lazy to screenshot. Basically I freeze and then kill then bye bye with sara brews
  13. Too much work, not enough value.
  14. Give me a good answer

    Half the reports that you get for the word is usually just people trying to find an excuse to get the other person muted. I really doubt they truly get offended. I got this a lot and as I look back, the word really didn't offend many people. 95% of the time, it's a pker who's mad and wants to report somebody. Other than that, your logic is solid.