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  1. how did i get ip-banned?

    Hello five stars, I would like you to pm me either on forums or discord
  2. Wow very nice updates! Alot of fixes
  3. I can't play :(

    Private message me on discord, Username : Issy
  4. Good job Taalq.

    Have my babies Taalq
  5. My name is Jeff

    1. Jamie


      shut up slut

  6. Server Updates 2/3/2018

    Wow.. Nice updates guys keep it up! Looking forward to future content
  7. New Sectional Moderator!

    Congratulations SexySoldier
  8. Server Updates 21/02/2018

    Thank you for the updates
  9. KFC Wednesday 21st February 2018

    Share i teleblocked the chicken
  10. Impersonating Lou?

    This is an impersonator obviously.
  11. Let's talk about life :D

    Welcome back to Grinderscape! I hope to see you ingame soon nice to see you nearly finished your school carreer.
  12. The game will be released soon guys, join the discord or pm for more information :).

  13. hello

    Hi i remember you @bloodbird
  14. 0C34N M4N

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E5m_XtCX3c Fuck off