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  1. hello

    Hi i remember you @bloodbird
  2. 0C34N M4N

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E5m_XtCX3c Fuck off
  3. i like toast


    1. D a m i n

      D a m i n

      You like ass.

    2. Jess


      Toast is bad

    3. Jking229


      I eat ass :$

      I mean -Toast* :troll:

  4. Lego69 LOL Hide and Scam

    Ok i doubt he would do that but ok.
  5. Rant

    Not only pkers lost interest most veterans quit cause of the lack of updates/reset
  6. Goodbye Grinderscape !

    Happy april foolsday
  7. hello

    Ehh, ok?
  8. My last goodbye !

    bye edited
  9. 07 or RS3?

    Actually 07 is a diffrent game from Runescape, and the basis is here so make a runescape that is better don't copy what Jagex did
  10. 07 or RS3?

    I wanna see more Grinderscape content if you want 07 or rs3 content go play the actual game.
  11. Oldfag cc Tits

    Badluck, hope you rest in pieces