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  1. Grinderscape OSRS release!

    Can't wait to see the server back up. Hope to play again and see you guys soon!
  2. Requested Rank: Veteran Rank Desired Primary Rank: Veteran Rank Proof: can't do that ingame i/e weeb i can confirm it's me on discord
  3. WG United (Weapon game clan)

  4. WG United (Weapon game clan)

    Introduction: Making wg fun again and enjoyable for others. Taking control of Weapon game and also to help and respect others of those who playing the minigame aswell. - Respecting eachother will be one of our top priorities. - Keep a good maintainable environment in Weapon game so everyone can have a fun experience. - Looking forward to bringing new members into wg and giving them a chance to level up and become max etc... (without being camped) Staff of the Clan: Owner: Skeptical69/skepticalv2 Co-owner: Rar464 Admins: Harrysizlak and Deadlyarrow Moderators: Graeme and Chainfighter Recruiter: Chopper1179 War Leaders atm: Skeptical69/skepticalv2, Rar464 Members: Members unknown at this point. For members here is how you join put this in the clan discussion and we will reply asap. Members: - Hc Op -Rhsys In-Game Name: Weapon Game Melee Lvl: Weapon Game Range Lvl: Previous Weapon Game Clan(s): Why you want to join: Rules: DO NOT MULTILOG IN WEAPONS GAME No backstabbing No flaming No getting involved in situations Any sort of abuse directly towards a player will NOT be tolerated Respect staff Only recruiter+ can recruit people Only mod+ are allowed to attack if rules are broken Only admin+ can kick players Listen to staff! Especially your leader! KOS players: Will be sorted out eventually: Babajust1 and his alts Players who aren't in the clan but are chill: Ridok
  5. Discontinue the "New Inf"

    i only got one set
  6. Discontinue the "New Inf"

    Hey guys Just wanted to know your thoughts on discontinuing the "New Inf" set seeing as it is hardly purchased ingame and also there aren't many sets anyways.. idk what it would do to eco and stuff just a suggestion. comment your thoughts below. Just suggesting this idea so no hate guys haha ;p Skep
  7. Richest Grinderscape players of all time

    flaps was rich and is still rich
  8. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    To be honest I think i'm going to deny. the invite to the clan wanna stay a floater ty anyways @skep
  9. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    yes thanks Scap
  10. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    Very well spoken Scappaper and I understand thanks!
  11. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    In-Game Name: Skepticalv2/skeptical69 Weapon Game Melee Lvl: 477 Weapon Game Range Lvl: 226 Previous Weapon Game Clan(s): Legion/Oblivion Why you want to join: I want to join a staff member I think respectable enough I think I could do the job good enough after all I am on alot of the time. Will be very active in the clan looking and helping out as much as i can etc. I would like to go for the admin position but idk if I'm good enough for that. If not moderator would be a start. Thanks Skep.
  12. Storm of Vengeance [Weapon Game]

    I say this is a good idea good luck with the Clan trinity think it's a great idea and that admin spot in the clan needs filling ! good luck
  13. Richest Grinderscape players of all time

    No it's not [MENTION=80717]Christian[/MENTION] you're an idiot just like u accused [MENTION=12614]Forge Dracon[/MENTION] of 'photoshopping' he was rich af so was I. You didn't see my bank. You don't know. You were the one who begged me for pixels at the time so stfu ty .
  14. Richest Grinderscape players of all time

    couple more of forgotten players eg 1. So fresh 2. Hodgetwinz 3. Sheiden
  15. Richest Grinderscape players of all time

    Actually [MENTION=80717]Christian[/MENTION] I had alot more then 5t + btw after all i also had only eek and d full helm (or) kits at the time aswell as I won them off [MENTION=56346]of clan wars[/MENTION] he will prove it for me. When c sols were 100b each i won about 20-30 off him about 200 claws/200 vines and the eek and d full helm ors so c: