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  1. Hello boys n girls!

    Hey, welcome back man. I remember the name. This is a new server and is currently in beta, so there will be a lot of changes. Enjoy
  2. Resigning as Developer

    That edit though. Sad to see you go mate, one thing I admired a lot about you was that you actually interacted with the community a lot.
  3. Very sick

    Sad to hear this man. Get well soon.
  4. Server Updates 12/03/2018 - Minor fixes 2#

    Nice updates, should make the game look a lot cleaner.
  5. Good job Taalq.

    I appreciate the kind words. Thanks.
  6. Server Updates 03/03/2018

    Probably the best update yet. Nice job.
  7. gues whos back

    Welcome back bud. You'll be able to get ingame sooner rather than later.
  8. Server Updates 2/3/2018

    Great update. The server's looking a lot better now.
  9. Not able to post a introduction thread.

    The permissions seem to be in order. May just be one of many bugs on these forums. Shouldn't be too long before we switch to the new forums, so it may just be better to wait until then.
  10. The account has been unbanned. - Closed
  11. Server Updates 25/02/2018 - Part 2

    Another solid update. We're getting there now.
  12. Server Updates 25/02/2018 - Part 1

    Another skill added, and the minigame looks neat too. Nice work.
  13. New Sectional Moderator!

    Congratulations bud, I'm sure you'll do a fine job. The sections will be sorted out properly once we move forums.
  14. Server Updates 24/02/2018

    Nice work again. Looking forward to seeing new content being added.