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  1. Resigning as Developer

    See you later man
  2. Very sick

    sadface hope you feel better soon sean
  3. New Sectional Moderator!

    Congrats nub '-'
  4. Server Updates 24/02/2018

    Tho I'm really more of a forum type guy this is making me actually wanna play a bit '-'
  5. Community Questions

    Q1; What do you think of the server, Is it good or bad? good so far '-' Q2; If you had chosen the option bad, could you explain to us why it is so that we can fix the problem. N/A Q3; Are there any main problems of the server? none that i can personally see although i dont reaaaaally like the current sb linked to discord thing it's disgusting :c
  6. Did you know that toast comes from bread? '-'

  7. Server Updates 21/02/2018

    Nice updates man you're working pretty hard
  8. Discord Chatbox

    I don't like this change buuuut it is a pretty nifty plugin
  9. Requested Rank: Veteran Desired Primary Rank: Veteran Pls gib me sexy rank
  10. nubs

    hi nubs '-'
  11. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    all i play on xbox atm is overwatch & borderlands '-'
  12. Favorite staff of all time

    With the idea from @Fishy's thread I'm just curious to everyones favorite staff member of all time this does not have to mean work load or how much they interacted with the community this could be the staff you were the closest to the one you had the most fun with all that stuff, so don't worry about whos the best just be honest Me personally me and @Niels are very close I see him as a brother rather than a friend I can literally talk to this man about anything and he'll give an honest opinion, I also have contact with him on snapchat, kik, and Facebook. also unlike most staff who obtain the position of Administrator I can still pm him ingame and no matter how busy he is he'll reply to me. LOL one time we were skyping and Niels fun jailed ziko in the middle of a risk fight god ziko flipped out in the call XD.
  13. My *unfinished* Bank

    @Tpid sell me the rune ore pls