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  1. Fishing area

    So pb moved the rocktail fishing spot to wildy near karambwan at bandit camp to prevent farming. But I don't see the point in that, because pkers can't attack the players as they are using level 3 accounts to fish. So I thought why not move the fishing spot deeper or make an area in deep wildy where you can attack all players no matter what the level. That way people won't use level 3's and will have to use their mains to tank pkers to safe. Maybe put a teleport near the area so they can teleport or a bank in wildy where you have to pay with some sort of points to use. Let me know what you guys think and if you have some ideas or suggestions then post them below.
  2. Pk tournament 2v2 start!

    I am usually on 8-9 pm UTC +01
  3. Pk tournament clan wars 2v2 man team

    me and @Techn9ne gonna enter. Frozen blood
  4. Accepted, you will be on a 3 days trial. Pm any staff member for an invite.
  5. The Gang Closes AOG and Slaughters Opps [18+]

    Maybe cuz of the timezone you stupid idiot? You started off by licking fish's balls then russ and now bang? How much per hour?
  6. The Gang Closes AOG and Slaughters Opps [18+]

    Don't make me laugh. We were the one who closed AOG and split it into AC and SZ to have some competition because BG quit after getting destroyed in the fullout-----> You had no fucking chance against AOG.
  7. The Gang Closes AOG and Slaughters Opps [18+]

    You keep tilting your vids "AOG getting abused" but AOG doesnt exist anymore you dumbfuck. You only fought SZ. So stop trying to get our attention you dumb random. You're trash and not a threat to anyone. Stop trying to make a name for youself in 2017 lapdog
  8. Looks sick Saim, thank u very much. Gl to the clans out there. #AC
  9. MULTI <<<< [ EVERWILD ] >>>> PK CLAN

    Gl with the clan man. Respect from here
  10. AoG vs Gang Official Fullout Aftermath 05/03/2017

    Wish I coulda been there #AOG. BG YOU SUCK BITCHES. Once I'm back you won't be pking in wildy, so enjoy as much as you can.
  11. GrinderScape mains NH tournament

    I won against troll pk3r
  12. Accepted, you will be on a 4 days trial Pm any ranked members for invite
  13. GrinderScape mains NH tournament

    Add me to the list fam! http://prntscr.com/e3sihb
  14. #AOG vs #GANG exposed full war

    Ezpz cleared