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To know what is the server situation please read this link: 



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  1. I hope this server gains its old former glory

    Grinderscape will always be #1 Hopefully the server will be up this month. I hope you've been reading the Situation between what happened to the Server!
  2. hello

  3. Forum Rank Requests

    Too bad I can't apply for it. But, my other account can.
  4. When you go support Lou/Gs

    I laughed at this. Etherum staff is completely retarded.
  5. Piss off Jack. I'm the only one who is suppose to be on the Forums at this time.

  6. A Global Moderator Promotion

    Gratz Jess. Don't fail us. ~Wade
  7. Hi I'm Tyler. Your new Etherump's Cheesy Mc Titty hippo gotham anti hero!

  8. *UPDATED* Cosmetic Collection

    This is a very nice Collection. Love how everything is organized. Can't wait to see it expand. Great work Dragons. c:
  9. 10m Cash Giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone.
  10. elite clue scroll reward!

    Gratz buddy! Insane luck!
  11. I want followers. Follow me plis.