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  1. Impersonating Lou?

    I'm 100% sure he's an impersonator. K F I F is very fluent at English. He's a nice guy. Maybe it is him or maybe he isn't. But yeah..
  2. Updates microblog

    Thanks Lou! Cannot wait until FEB 16TH!#&!G#B&I!Y#GIB&$TU
  3. Grinderscape OSRS release!

    I'm so pumped to play! Great work to everyone who helped with the server! >:)
  4. Let's talk about life :D

    I'm pretty sure i've seen you around in-game back then. Police Officer that's exciting as hell! Good luck with the rest of your Education Homes! And welcome back to Grinderscape where the Grind don't stop!
  5. Special Needs

    The title is really off topic. & good thing that this Off-Topic thing is good. (Idek can't type rn.) #1 Chicken Pker. Ez Trash. Let the DDS do all the work. Anyways can't wait until Grinderscape releases again. 700+ Players will come back because we are always #1. (:<
  6. Grinderscape will remain #1.
    There will be 700+ players again. (:

  7. Uprising of GrinderScape

    Grinderscape will come back stronger then ever! And that's guaranteed. If you check out the Discord you'll see all the teasers on the server & updates. Hyped asf for the return!
  8. I have an extreme boner for GS.

  9. Something?...

    As we're all waiting for Grinderscape 2.0. I'm desperately trying not to go find LOU and slitting his throat for taking so damn long. I thought it was gonna take 1-2 months. Not longer then that. I was to shoot someone in the head because this threads pointless. Welp. Thanks for wasting your time.
  10. I hope this server gains its old former glory

    Grinderscape will always be #1 Hopefully the server will be up this month. I hope you've been reading the Situation between what happened to the Server!
  11. hello

  12. Forum Rank Requests

    Too bad I can't apply for it. But, my other account can.
  13. When you go support Lou/Gs

    I laughed at this. Etherum staff is completely retarded.