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  1. Pked Bank

    damn son
  2. The State of Grinderscape

    Dude, there's no reason for you to quote in my comment just to talk these shit, see if you grow up brother, and next time, say something meaningful.
  3. The State of Grinderscape

    If the game had just reset, it would all be in good shape, but pb600 fuck up with the game's economy, you ruined Grinderscape,@Pb600. leaves the economy of the game as it was before pb600, nobody complained and the server was much better and no one is quiting for no reason.
  4. starting from fresh

  5. Administrative Team Q&A

    It was very good reading this topic
  6. Vine Whip drop

    Nice achievement dude enjoy your vine
  7. voting sortition (roll reward)

    R.I.P Money bl dude
  8. Questions: Administrative Team

    I Like the idea
  9. *OFFICIAL* [Skills] Clan Thread

    Good luck with the clan,I really liked the idea of creating a clan for skillers, I'm sure to join mine in the clan 'Boss Level 3'.
  10. <#INFERNO#>< Inferno Main PK Clan><#INFERNO~>

    ACCEPTED,We hope you are really good at pk, and not only do you know how to give a tele block, 1 week of testing for you, Call a recruiter from the clan to recruit you.
  11. - OFFICIAL [Bang] Clan Thread -

    Join 'Help,pc's,fun,worm kills and much more' cc for bang.
  12. <#INFERNO#>< Inferno Main PK Clan><#INFERNO~>

    Use the correct format to ask.
  13. Fight Pits Boxing/MMA Event

    Good idea