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To know what is the server situation please read this link: 




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  1. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    Nope no xbox
  2. hello

    Not sure I've met some people over the past 2 years but hi welcome back
  3. Let's hope so too! Best server I've ever played
  4. Re-Cap about what's going on!

    Oh so I'll be able to get super donator back? Sweet
  5. When you go support Lou/Gs

    Dont lose sleep over that lol. Isnt worth it at all.
  6. Forum clean up

    If it got deleted restore my gfx thread pls? Its called "valar's signatures [free]" thnx
  7. What is going on !?!?

    You got my support Lou! Like I said and promised!
  8. The Grinderscape Situation

    you got my support Lou! always Here as promised! Not giving up on you! I never believed anything pb said tbh. Im here for the real and OG grinderscape not some stolen ripoff. 2 years gs addict!
  9. The Server

    I agree 100% with you
  10. Grinderscape now and then,

    I agree! The people who trash on Lou here; Lou is only trying to show pb that something needs to change again. This is what I'm seeing right now: Lou is doing what we're expecting: asking the community for opinions, suggestions,etc. Pb is trying it, but it indeed feels like we got nothing to say. Nada. Zilch. I also want to mention that pb has been doing good most of the time but there are stuff that I do want to mention though like for example: Some updates that pb released where very cool yet... useless and unfinished like: recovery points but nothing to redeem them on. Dz skilling zone but no shops sir vant and his points but again no shop. (True they give slayer exp, drop loot etc, very cool but the points are useless) This is what I noticed. Pb's updates are cool but he should reconsider some things. I would love to see daily updates ; or frequent updates. Your new ideas are very cool Grinder. You actually want to give items a purpose and worth collecting! Please Lou you need to get in control again and if not just try and find a way to work together! So what if pb is a better coder? 2 good developers is still better than 1 great one and pb is a great developer imo but since the reset alot of people, including myself, are demotivated as hell. We need something that keeps us here. This is my honest opinion @Grinder
  11. Staff Interviews: Moderators

    Gud to know I guess
  12. this is taking so damn long.

    Well the developer(s) are working on the grand exchange and they gave that project top priority. If you want an answer from them you can always tag pb600. He usually replies. But I think I'll know his answer and you might too tbh. After the GE is released, then he might focus on those other things.
  13. The State of Grinderscape

    Its going down. They can release millions of cool updates, it won't matter. Maybe eventually playerbase will rise again Maybe it will drop even more who knows what the future holds...
  14. Are Medium Clues the best?

    Well they are good but I think hard ones are the best nice loot