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  1. Hello boys n girls!

    Hi welcome back!
  2. Very sick

    For when I'm better maybe. Obviously. And they know so dont bother.
  3. I can try and dream hue In-game name: Valar What rank are you applying for? (Server Supporter, Moderator, Elite Moderator, Administrator): Server Supporter (+ perhaps some future after it ) What is your Timezone?: GMT +1 (EU / Belgium) How long have you played for?: I started playing the game actively and extensively back in july 2015 but didn't make a forums account untill august 2015) How many hours do you play per day?: I can easely play up to 3-5h each day and more in the weekends Do you have ::yell?: It's available ingame so yes Why should your application be accepted?: Back in the 2015 - 2016 version I was a moderator in the official "HELP" clan of grinderscape. I also was an Official Middleman for about 6 months with an active trades-count to my name. (not really sure if this is relevant but couldn't hurt to mention imo lel). I was considered a fast helper; both in terms of the help clan and by doing OMM trades. Furthermore I've been playing this game (OSGS) from the start and always liked this game. I think i've rounded up some knowledge about it to help future new players get on their feet
  4. Resigning as Developer

    Well I appreciate the hard work you did hero!
  5. Very sick

    Hi, As you all might have seen it’s been a while since I’ve been active. The reasok for this is because I’m very ill irl and are just not able to play or be as active as usual. The doctors think pneumonia but gotta await the results from my blood tests and scans of my lungs. So wanted to let you know where I am (hospital atm) and why I’m out for the time being. I’m sorry guys that I’m not here atm.
  6. Server Updates 12/03/2018

    Very cool!
  7. Mystery Boxes

    Kittens , gems , herbs , etc
  8. Nice update! looking forward to slay!
  9. Teleport's not working

    It's being maintained I reckon and when the developers are releasing a new update it'll probably all work
  10. close button on menu's

    I've noticed too but pressing ESC on the keyboard works to close it for now
  11. Community Questions [ March ]

    Q1: very good Q3 & Q4: we could maybe improve the combat exp for players who want to train it manually. Also perhaps release all the skills? N
  12. Server Updates 03/03/2018

    This. Update. Is. Freakin. Insane!