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  1. Tarquin AKA Anonymous AKA whatever names he tried to hide himself under is just a fucking disgrace plain and simple as that. He paid Grinder for his Forum Admin rank - WOW YOU EARNED IT MAN! You have no experience in administration so gtfo all your name changes show it and post deletions as well. You steal people's information through your own discord server you tried making but no one even uses it anymore. You add forum ranks to yourself you haven't even earned, You're clearly not a Vet Staff that's for sure. You have no experience in managing a forums, it shows because Grinder has to do it all for you. Such a great Forum Admin we have, He just posts shit Lou tells him to in news & announcements round of applause ladies n gents. Stop trying little Tarquin...
  2. hello

  3. Where do you want the game to go?

    Jamie i'm gonna just say it how it is bro... there are a million of these types of threads made and we're still nowhere. People make these threads and ask the people what they want, and they post whatever it is they want but in the end no one listens to the ideas that can help our player count grow and shit remains the same. It's getting repetitive seeing these on a daily basis now and no action taken from it by devs.
  4. The State of Grinderscape

    I couldn't say it better than this ^
  5. voting sortition (roll reward)

    sortition is rigged, the odds of getting a rare in that shit is like winning the lottery irl so this is no surprise to me as i've rolled over 500 times and got nothing either.
  6. Questions: Administrative Team

    1. Why doesn't Lou interact with the community anymore as he used to in the game chats or on forums? - Yes he's busy ofc but it would never hurt to at least say a few words here and there. After all he is the owner and should be more interactive with us whether it's in-game or on forums (other than polls or an update).
  7. WANT DEAD????

    ok cindercock
  8. WANT DEAD????

    u dont talk worst pker in world k
  9. WANT DEAD????

  10. WANT DEAD????

    no im saying people need to make pures already
  11. WANT DEAD????

    can we please get some pure accounts made for all you main pkers so we can finally FUCKING get combat differences involved at edgeville/multi?????????? THANKS!
  12. - OFFICIAL [Bang] Clan Thread -