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  1. Updates

    what if i deleted my sandals though? i lost my recovery points due to that
  2. I'm pretty sure people know how to click a mouse, no? Ty so much though, Magnata. Helps a lot.
  3. Bringing bank updates back.

    Pretty good at the game dude. I like the organisation of the Pots tab.
  4. To be fair I have no idea lol, I just spammed 24, then moved onto the next inventory.
  5. It cost me just over 26k Participation Points. And to be fair, if you have everything else from the shop, you may as well, because it's worth it.
  6. Goodbye Grinderscape !

    almost killed myself, too bad i kept scrolling down
  7. Revs were nice to me.

    I did get rushed quite a few times, and did get killed once actually, as I got tele-blocked from a distance without seeing lol. I laughed a lot at this comment
  8. Revs were nice to me.

    I.. I just.. I don't know what to do or say right now
  9. So I thought I'd give Revs a go and try to get myself some elusive brawlers which I could never ever get voting. Most people who know me, know that my luck is pretty much non-existent. But the Revs were actually quite generous to me. I spent (in total) probably the max of 2-2.5 hours at them over the last day. (going to them for 10-20 minutes at time so I didn't get pk'd) The only downside is I got NO drops asides from brawlers. So no vesta, zuriels ect.. Here's what I've acquired;
  10. 100% @Acolyte I know he's fairly new, but he's always put in 110% effort even before he was Admin. Plus he's a chill dude.
  11. Unite CC Official Thread

    make me honored