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  1. The Gang abuses AOG [18+ BRUTAL]

    will see
  2. AOG merge? 5v16 cleard

    stfu retards

    you have put thsi video more than 3 times stop that bullshit please everwild has quit of this server so shut the fuck up and dont do that again
  4. Goodbye Grinderscape !

    lmfaaaaaaaaaaaaao didn't see that was a joke april fools nice one grinder you got the most of us :lmao:
  5. Goodbye Grinderscape !

    why tf...it has to be closed ive played on it over 4 years favorite game never happens this shit to it anyway...... ill still remember that game
  6. aog cleard #everwild #pkergroup

    didn't you said everwild quit from gs? :lmao:
  7. MULTI <<<< [ EVERWILD ] >>>> PK CLAN

    bruhhh............................ you said you cleared aog but you all ran and we stayed but explain to me how have you cleared us? #evernooooobs you got to explain to me ingame im waiting on you
  8. AoG declares Fullout vs Gang On Sunday 5th March 6pm Gmt!

    oo yeah loking forward to eat as ace ventura bg has no change hahaha #aog
  9. fix pvm pls

    hello guys, this game needs to be fixed in something it is, when i fight in wildy and my oppenent use a dh axe or ags spec or something like that i click on food more than 3 times and i can't eat whys that?is that a bug? or something that i have it and i dont know? -master dice
  10. should we get more items to pure shop?

    yea koen its not hard but it would be easy to the pures who have nothing on the accuont i mean not rich to buy items..
  11. hello guys, i have some suggestions to the pure shops and pk shops or what ever it is. should we add granite mauls to pure shop and to adventurer shop? should we add magic runes to pure shop? and make it cheaper and magic book we should add it to pure shops and adventurer magic book for hybridders decide if that would be and comment below.. thanks for reading -master dice
  12. Why I lost my hope for dicing

    as colt said "gambling is gambling" so dont be....and risk your bank on it you know if you aren't a host dicer the hoster has 15%-20% idk what is it thats why you risk items the gambling is an addiction minigame dont keep dicing on it to make what you lost again....as i said do not risk your bank again -master dice
  13. Community Drop Party

    good luck with your drop party
  14. Favorite staff of all time

    they are all good staffs and working hard to save grinderscape and people that they playing on it.

    nice giveaway jack and congrats to whoever won a prize in spectrum clan chat!