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  1. Questions for interview: Elite Moderators

    - What do you dislike about Elite mod? - Why haven't you played Ironman?
  2. Rework Skillcapes

    Crafting - Cut 2 gems at once or instantly chance to cut & cut bolt tips at once? Mining - Mine 2 ores at once Smithing - Smelt/smith 2 ores/bars at once RC - ? I don't think people will use this cuz wicked cape gives 25% xp Herblore - Pot 2 potions // time Thieving - X chance to get double cash Fletching - cut 2 bows at once Agility - chance to get double tickets / run Fishing - Fish up 2 fish at once Firemaking - Burn 2 logs at once Woodcutting - Cut 2 logs at once OR chance to get bird nest with seeds? Farming - ...? picking herbs is already quick maybe - Pick ALL herbs at once? :giggle: Anyways support!
  3. Who do I have to pray to for a whip drop?

    That's a 0 to much sorry! edited
  4. Who do I have to pray to for a whip drop?

    3100 Killcount dry myself, my friend is 3300 kc dry Goodluck though! Kind regards Cypher
  5. Suggestions, eco suggestions, and much more

    I added some of my opinions after reach line but ... I stopped reading the list after a bit. I really wanted to read through it but it just seems like you copy - pasted it from somewhere? I mean you added 3x 'improve agility more courses ' If it's your own list you would notice this right? Many of the items are already ingame, same for the monsters...? This sort of doesn't make any sense to me! I do like some of these suggestions though! Kind regards Cypher
  6. What Video should I work on First?

    Make some efficient XP/hour skilling video's! Explain why that skill and how much gold u get etc... Compare other options etc! Kind regards Cypher
  7. Castle Wars Gear Feature

    That means anyone can go PK without losing their gear? Isn't that kind of stupid? I mean..I'm not a pker but ... Isn't it the point that you go and wreck somebody and loot their gear/items? AND if you die, you'll lose it all...? (unless some are protected) This would mean everybody in the wildy would wear this armor. It seems very very very strange and OP? Kind regards Cypher
  8. Fishing area

    I have a lvl 25 pure Ill camp those lvl 3 botterzzzz! 1
  9. clue scrolls

    You have to farm those items now. Why buy all the requirements from a store? It's to easy.... Get a clue go to shop buy what u need and do the clue .... it's kind of stupid? Bronze boots drop in the new Sir Vant training Area. I've aleady looted 4 of them Happy hunting! Kind regards Cypher
  10. In-game Super Donator Rank

    Yea probably, got proof of all my donations, got all the paypal transactions You too right? Kind regards Cypher
  11. In-game Super Donator Rank

    well that's crap cuz I had 3 characters 2 sdonors and 1 extreme so I would like those ranks back on my accounts. I suppose they'll have to find a solution to it
  12. Have i wasted my money?

    Same, I even donated just before the crash, I've also spend prolly 1k in the server. I hope we can get it back at w2 also Kind regards Cypher
  13. New usernames

    I just took mine: - HC Cypher - Iron Cypher - Cypherdrone Currently playing Iron Cypher cuz I'm so lost :c Kind regards Cypher
  14. Jad stage 7

    That's some nice magic xp you can get there !! Also did you kill Jad? Kind regards Cypher