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  1. Impersonating Lou?

    Let's not get hostile, now. I don't think the post is stupid at all. Maybe I'm being a little one-sided (which I am) but hey, whatever. I tihnk the only way to settle this matter is if we can find amir and ask him ourselves
  2. Requesting Suggestions :{

    Hey guys, I've been trying to get on the server. However, Nothing I try is going right. Instead of starting this topic to make a suggestion, I'm asking for help/suggestions. This is what's going on: I can't get the client to get passed this screen no matter what I try and it's getting under my skin. If anyone has suggestions or anything that might help my issue, that would be great. Thank you!
  3. Grinderscape OSRS release!

    The hype is so real
  4. Impersonating Lou?

    DISCLAIMER: This may not be the K F I F that we know, however, I can't be sure. He claimed to know me and he's the one that brought up Grinderscape first. He claimed to be the "K F I F" of this server. Valar, I truly hope you're right. I just hope that a member of Grinder wouldn't act in this type of manner.
  5. Impersonating Lou?

    Guys, Does anyone remember the kid by the username of "K F I F"? Well, If so, I'd leave him to be just a memory. If he was your friend, I'd choose your friends more wisely. This kid is no good. I'm going to take this time to put him on blast, for everyone's safety when the server is back. The story behind this entire post: So, When I came back to try to get on Grinderscape, the server wasn't up. Meanwhile, I found a temporary server to pass some of my free time (I obviously will not be mentioning this server and will not tell anyone where this was from). Anyways, I recognized him and he recognized me, and we started talking. Not even a minute into the conversation he started to impersonate staff members such as Lou, stating that he was the owner of this server. At first he tried to tell me that he was "One" of the co-owners, Which I immediately thought he was trying to impersonate Soccerlove. So here's what happened, He was telling me he was a person of power on here, and he'd make me a Moderator, or a Co-Owner of this server if I gave him everything I had on the other server. First of all, I knew K F I F wasn't anything but a player. Secondly, don't try to scam anyone. Finally, DO NOT try to disrespect the people that I respect and have known/played Grinder with for years. I wouldn't want a poisition of power unless I earned it, anyways. He did mention that he plans on coming back to the server at some point. So as I said before, Stay safe, friends. I'll end this topic with these:
  6. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    I've got an Xbox One I play Fortnite, Gears of War, Halo, and Overwatch I have more games, but I ply these mostly if I get on, (which is hardly with school) But if you'd like, add me @ ObviouslyWhitey
  7. Let's talk about life :D

    Thanks everyone for your positive feedback and your warm welcomes back to the server
  8. Let's talk about life :D

    What is going on all of you beautiful people! For those of you who don't know me, I'm obviously known as agy123, I've been here for quite some time off and on. However, I don't mind going by my real name, which is Austin. Get on with it... Anyways, for the past two years now, I've been going through college and I'm almost done. I'm going for Law Enforcement. With my degree coming to an end, that starts the next step in my life, which is the Police Academy. I'm beyond excited. Within the next 5-6 months, I should be a Police Officer. P.S. Once I'm a police officer, and the server is back up and running again, my life will mainly consist of, but not be limited to; My Job, My Girlfriend, And of course, Grinderscape.
  9. economy reset???

    I did not, Not gonna lie, haha sorry man.
  10. economy reset???

    Yo, Don't double post man, just edit your previous post.
  11. The Truth

    You're taking what I said all wrong man, the "nobody's" of the server are ignored most of the time, by the community as a whole. That's all I was saying.
  12. The Truth

    I agree with this. back when I was known to the server, "trusted" ingame, I was talked to, Now I'm just a "Nobody". Who the fuck is this kid? If you don't have a pretty medal by your name, basically you're a bitch to this community. #Favoritism.
  13. Nice work. Props for the time spent on this Also I like the sources.
  14. Grinderscape Teamspeak

    Seems pretty cool man.
  15. The Truth

    Carly, I remember talking to you about this. I'm proud of you my friend.