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To know what is the server situation please read this link: 




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  1. When you go support Lou/Gs

    Please use forums to appeal
  2. Forum clean up

    Thanks for clearing it up, No ETA is always good
  3. 404 not found...

    Like everyone has said, there's is no current client for the game right now. We hope it can be online soon though so keep in touch. ~ Closed
  4. The Grinderscape Situation

    Misguided sheep Slave of a Brazilian theif. Shameful.
  5. The Grinderscape Situation

    Alright, so you steal the game from Lou, making rumours that he quit, None of the "staff" went to lous side; what on earth are they gonna staff? Where exactly is the game? right, you stole it. I'll let you go back to giving your 50 players assistance.