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  1. New Sectional Moderator!

    Congrats nub
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    Nice updates, gj
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    Nice guide, good job
  4. Server Updates 23/02/2018

    Nice updates
  5. hi im vanessa nice to meet u <3 xoxo

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    Good job y’all ?
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    Nice stuff
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    Nice Stuff
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    Welcome back
  10. Uprising of GrinderScape

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    Join the discord and you will stay updated
  12. gues whos back

    Join our discord for chats and to be kept updated on the clients progress
  13. When you go support Lou/Gs

    Please use forums to appeal
  14. 404 not found...

    Like everyone has said, there's is no current client for the game right now. We hope it can be online soon though so keep in touch. ~ Closed