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  1. Grinderscape now and then,

    @Jesse i agree jesse, thats why there needs to be atleast two developers focusing on different things, there too much on one persons plate atm
  2. Grinderscape now and then,

    Im going to be blunt. rashed and pb need to work together. either, one works solely on pvp/or skilling. and the other whatever pleases him. Rashed this is for you, you need to start spending the money thats sat in the bank from grinderscape donations on advertising, etc, thats the only way this server is going to get some "real" recognition. i agree pvp is what the players want, but you need to learn to balance it out. change is something that needs to be done to suit the needs of everyone, but what you need to understand is that its not solely down to PB making "shit" updates. there not, 90% of the updates are great. we as the community should be kept in the loop. theres like a good 5 to 10 donations happening. i don't really want to be paying for your new car/insurance/new watch, etc i want to see the money being spent on the future of this game. something i don't believe you are doing Rashed. you've let PB do his thing whilst you go off and do what not. at the end of the day, my opinion wont really count but you should be doing something more than just complaining on how stuff hasn't gone your way. be more involved and just maybe shit might get better here. your losing your own players. develop the game. do something.
  3. 1-28 EVENTTT

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