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  1. Grinderscape now and then,

    thats why when he was talking in game everyone said to focus on ge first thwn work on small fixes. small fixes are obvioulsy important but bigger updates are more important imo
  2. Grinderscape now and then,

    is it really gonna take 3 months? like they said in game. faster they get ge in the faster more player will play
  3. Grinderscape now and then,

    i think there are 3 major things that would make the player base jump back up 1.) increase drop rates 2.) g.e 3.) and increase drop rates again. just my thoughts
  4. Suggestions, eco suggestions, and much more

    Not trying to start an argument but just because he has over 200 hours play time doesn't me he should be maxed most likely most of that time he wasn't trying to grind to level up but test bugs, glitches, etc.
  5. Suggestions, eco suggestions, and much more

    Awesome list! Some of my suggestions for sir vant there should be a coffer so you can't pit for example 10m cash in it and every time to talk to him it takes the gold out of the coffer. And yes some of the items in your list are already in game such as the armadyl crossbow. And I agree with the boss drop rate in increase. I didn't get a rare drop from bands until kc 399 and it was only a bandos whip. Same with armadyl I didn't get rare drop besides armour pieces until kc 525 when I got acb. Also i love the cape boosts, sounds like a great idea, especially the slayer one. Also for pking I think you should get a cash value drop just like osrs when you kill someone with torso, void, dragon defender, etc. Other than that list looks awesome. Keep up the good work and hopefully some sweet updates In the near furture!. @Grinder
  6. Updates

    does he test by himself or does he have other people test it with him in test world ? just curious.