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  1. Tarquin you're a disgrace to the staff team.

    LMFAO we all agree with you fishy, hes a fucking disgrace, well said, good job he resigned tho right? Lou please choose your staff team more wisely in the future, instead of ones that leak irl information in that Discord Straight up Tarquin, you're useless as fuck.
  2. Anyone willing to edate? Call me on 07401065734 or add me on discord Drew#3868 !!

  3. Tarquin has aids and crippling depresison, #DONT JOIN HIS DISCORD HE WILL TAKE YOUR IP AND LEAK IT


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    2. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      I left it tom!!!



      Cause its full of retardsss


    3. ANZ


      Wtf? men :( You left and called us fake friends :troll: 

    4. Yolo Zombie
  4. Hello Children

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    2. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      Yes bby

      Whats ur discord? Add me "Drew#6692"

    3. Jking229


      I got to download it again fam

    4. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      Then get to it sir


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  6. Will anyone be my friend

    1. Jking229


      I will be your friend Drew :hurr:

    2. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      Thanks jorge


  7. A Global Moderator Promotion

    Gz Jess