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So Yontoo

Asking for help - FAQ

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Got a question to ask? It was most likely asked before and you will be able to find it in this thread. 


How do I change my username on forums?

Read the instructions here to find out how to change your name.


How do I change my in-game username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your in-game username.


I'm a dicer host in-game, can I request the dicer rank on forums?

If you donated for it, you can request it by posting in this section.


I'm a super donator in-game, can I request the super donator rank on forums?

No, forum and in-game ranks are not related with the exception of the dicer rank. You have to donate on forums for the forum ranks, and in-game for the in-game ranks.


Can I buy/sell Rsgp?

Rsgp trading is allowed on Grinderscape as long as it is done under the supervision of a middleman. You can find a list of them by typing ::checkmms in-game.


Can I buy/sell Runescape/private server accounts?

No, that is strictly prohibited and strict punishments will be given out if you're found doing so.


I forgot my in-game password, can I get my account back?

You can get your in-game password back by posting in the account recovery section found here. An elite mod confirms the ownership of your account and an admin then recovers it. Staff members have lives too, so be patient.


I got hacked, what do I do?

The first thing you need to do is go in-game on a different account and ask a staff member to jail your account. You will then have to post an account recovery thread to get it back, by posting here.


I disconnected in-game, can I get my items back?

As stated in the TOS, no refunds are given. 


Are auto typers allowed?
Auto typers are only allowed if you set it to 5 second intervals. 


Can I sell my Grinderscape items for real life money?
No. If anyone is found attempting to do so will be punished.


Is it possible to donate for items in-game?
Yes, you can donate by clicking here. You can donate for premium points, dicer rank, a 31 day donator rank or super donator which last forever.


Is it possible to donate for a rank on forums?
Yes, you can donate for a donator rank by messaging _____ on forums.

Is it possible to vote for rewards?
Yes, you can vote in-game by typing ::vote or going to the quest tab and clicking vote.


Are there any events happening?
Yes, click here to find out what events are currently going on.


Are there rules on Grinderscape?
Yes, there are rules here. You also accept a list of rules when you create an account. There is also a list for forum and in-game rules here. Punishments are given out if you do not follow the rules.


Can I edit my forum account details?
Yes, read this guide on how to do so.


Why does it say error 32 when I open my client?
Error 32 means that you cannot connect to Grinderscape. Read this guide to try and solve the problem.

Why does it say that my forum account needs confirmation before creation?

Soccerlove changed the settings to prevent future spammers from coming onto our forums and constantly advertising random sites and distributing malicious software. In order to solve your problem, make an in-game account and contact a staff member via ::staffonline, so that they can contact Soccerlove to approve your forum account.

If you need any more help, don't be afraid to ask on the shoutbox, in-game, or make a help thread.

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