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Grinderscape OSRS release!

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Grinder    211


Hey guys,


It is time to release the new version of Grinderscape OSRS! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment, but the release was always delayed because we had to deal with a lot of bugs, dupes, and major content that had to be developed. The server is not yet complete, and still lacking a lot of features to be added. The client is running on revision #151 fully packed. Special thanks to our developer "not a hero" for creating the awesome interfaces and helping to fix the bugs on game. Looks like a good fresh start!


I will post all the substantial updates and content so you can at least have an idea of how the game is going to look like upon release.

The release is expected to be on 2/16/2018 9:00 PM GMT;


In addition, I will write a list of future content, bugs, and things that should be coming in the future updates. You could use it to know what updates to expect, and I can use it as a reference or reminder.


This post will continually get updated until the server release or a few weeks after.




The server requires no hard grinding to get your items.


All you have to do is login and then you choose the pk presets which you want in order to start pking. You can also customize your combat stats by clicking on a certain skill. You will have to grind and buy bones in order to level up prayer. There are special items that can be used when you have a high experience in a certain skill such as 50m perk, 100m perk, 150m perk for each skill and its either achievements or you get blood coins when you reach that exp in a certain skill or unlock titles. To get the good pking items you can kill players to get blood coins or you can slay the hard bosses which require a kill count in order to enter the chamber. The bosses will also be dropping items that are not available in the blood coins store. There will be custom achievements for the players to do in order to unlock things or to get bonus blood coins and rewards and it will also be shown on the highscores how many points you have.


Oldschool stalls system:


The old way Grinderscape had stalls at home. Now they are back, and you can use them to thief blood money. You can talk to Chief Thief Trainer south of Edgeville to complete thieving tasks which will award you thieving points to be used in the shops.







- There is a 0.5% chance to receive 30,000 blood money or an extremely rare item when stealing from stalls.

- Rogue set: Increases the resources picked from a stall by approx 20%; Each item from the set gives a 3-5% bonus.

- Completing thieving tasks awards blood money or thieving points.

- Gloves of silence gives a 10% chance of double stealing from stalls.

- Dodgy necklace increases resources from the stall by 15%.

- Ardougne cloak 1,2,3,4 gives a bonus of 2,4,5,6% of extra resources.

- Thieving skill cape & trimmed cape gives a bonus of 10% for normal and 19% for the trimmed cape.

- Random events are added from old Grinderscape.





There are over 25 shops to trade and buy items. Most of the items can be bought for free, and you cannot sell any item to any shop. However, there are some shops that require a certain currency:

- Blood Money (PVP_STORE)

- Premium Points (Premium Points Exchanger)

- Blood Money (Untradeable items) (Those items will be broken upon death and can be fixed for some blood money)


- Thieving Points (OSRS ITEMS STORE)


- Slayer points (SLAYER EQUIPMENT STORE) (Currency set for free until we add more items)

- Voting points (VOTE MANAGER)


Original teleport system:


The same teleports were added back to the server. However, please keep in mind that some locations still do not have their spawns and is not yet completed. It is expected to be completed with correct spawns, bosses, npcs, and everything else very soon.







All prayers functionality works 100% including quick prayers. Rigour, Preserve, and Augury can be unlocked by purchasing the scroll from the PVP store from Emblem Trader.




Stat setting:


You can click on any combat stat to modify it. For example, you can click on Strength skill and set it to any level you wish at no cost. However, Prayer skill and other stats cannot be modified.






Presets system! A full interface with a variety of ready made PKing presets that you can choose from.

You can also use the ::presets command to open the interface. The interface has an option to be auto opened after death.


Note: Selecting any presets will not change your prayer level. There will be reset lamps added very soon.








Over 30 pets are supported with chatting and metamorphises. Pets will be added as a rare drop from bosses!







All major skills work with their basic functions. Soon all skils will continue to work fully.










Price checker:


Price checker interface that can be used to calculate your items blood money worth compared to shops. Will be used much more often in the future!




Items kept on death:


The basic items kept on death interface you know. We still have to optimize some item prices so you always keep the highest three valuable items.





Notes Tab, Settings, Emotes, Clan chat:


The notes tab works perfectly, not limited to settings, combat overlay, key bindings, fog, XP drops, all emotes including skill capes and full clan chat system.






Shops Area, Spell book altar, Box of health:


The shop's area is located north of Edgeville in the same place it is on Grinderscape. There is a spell book altar to quickly change your spellbook. In addition, there is a box of health which will remove your poison and refresh your stats, special, and hit points.







Upcoming content:


- Add complete music area for all locations and sounds for all actions, skills, combat.


- Add missing bosses from Grinderscape (Tarn, Untouchable, Jungle Demon, Ice queen, Slash bash..etc)


- Add full godwars area with Nex.


- Participation points system.


- Full donator, super donator, and extreme donator rank with all the exclusive benefits.


- Dicer rank & original anti-scam system.


- Game manager for staff management and appeals.


- Complete website and forum new fancy design.


- Add missing minigames from Grinderscape (Castle wars, Barrows, Fight pits, Fight caves..etc).


- Add all skills to perfection (Basic skills will be added with full perfect functionality).


- Summoning and construction skill.


- Full raids system support.


- Instanced bosses system.


- Full clan wars system + redo clan chat system.


- All area's in their corresponding spawns with perfect npc animations, sounds, and drops.


- Slayer reward interface, tasks, and more.


- Add all the 200+ tasks with their unlockable rewards.


- Shooting stars system.


- Master skillcapes with special perks for players who have reached maximum experience in a skill.


- Advanced Slayer system with Regular, Elite, Wilderness and Duo tasks. 


- Full curses with proper effects.


- More than 5 entertaining quests, including Ghost ahoy and Lunar diplomacy.


- Ironman mode & Hardcore iron man mode.


- Training Dungeon with the perks.


- Tutorial system for new players.


- Client emojis.


- Complete clue scroll system (Grinderscape one).


- Pet Insurance system.


- Cannon system & Chinchompas.


- Full complete hunter skill.








- Getting quest tab to be completed. (All buttons, functions, donator tab, staff tab)


- Fix godsword animations.


- Fix the features for Dinh's Bulward, Twisted bow, and other osrs items.






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Taalq    238

Looking forward to this, as well as a fresh start for the forums.


Both Lou and Not a hero have put an incredible amount of work into this, and I really appreciate this. I'm sure many others do too.


May this be the start of something great.

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Temp_Will    1

  Great I can't wait for this!  ( Itching to start playing.. I kinda like the whole idea of starting all over again ( although I know it means a hell of work for you!  

  I shall be waiting.

  Update: Nice I like the 30 pets added can't wait!

Edited by Temp_Will

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