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  1. It could be possible that the PKer who attacked you used a banana whip spec on you, and that will give you a skull. However, I agree that the wilderness needs revamping. I am not sure if the skulling of a player who retaliates was intended, but it should not be like that in my opinion if it was intentionally made like that. The target system and items such as the banana whip are also big problems. I believe the banana whip item should not have the skulling spec anymore. New players who join the server and start bossing with a chunk of their banks on them are not told about the banana whip spec. I believe that the banana whip spec has been one of the sole reasons that cause new players to quit as well added with the target system that lets pkers teleport straight to players. A single player with a banana whip can teleport to a target, skull a player, teleblock and kill them. This leaves PvMers vulnerable and causes the wilderness to become less active. The wilderness is completely tailored to PKers and leaves PvMers at a huge disadvantage. This results from not being able to log out, having over-powered items that allows them to skull players, tp to target, teleblock etc, the target-system and the chat box notifying the whole server about bosses being killed in the wilderness. On the flip side, not being able to log out was implemented to avoid events such as ambushing due to the server only being 1 world. The chat box notifies the server to promote pking and pvming and to remind or notify new/existing players of the bosses that they can kill. In conclusion, I think the target system and the banana whip should be the emphasis of what needs to be reconsidered.
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