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  1. Lou Grinder

    Its on the thread how every single item is obtainable. Stats are similar to the item there aren't any modifications except for a few items which are coming soon. Bronze-Rune whips share similar stats with slight changes to bronze-rune equipment but this time in a whip for better accuracy.
  2. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed the Colorful max hood being lost on death, now it will break just like the cape. - You can no longer use protect prayers in the Weapon Minigame. - Iron Man game modes now gets 70% reduced experience instead of the past 30% reduced experience as requested. - You can no longer use ::bank command in the Public Minigame lobby in Edgeville. - Fixed Amulet of glory teleporatation issue above level 30 in The Wilderness. - Fixed a bug where barrows items would not drop upon death or in The Wilderness. - Fixed a bug where some Kurasks where not
  3. I've read every single comment, thanks to everyone
  4. Hey guys, Got many questions about the new cape and amulet in the PvP-Store in Edgeville. They are considered the best in-slot based on certain stats for certain equipment mostly melee. They cost 10 million Blood money. Here are the stats comparison: Cape of skulls - Infernal cape - Ava's assembler - Imbued zamorak cape: Wilderness champion amulet - Amulet of fury - Amulet of eternal glory: Enjoy!
  5. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing NPC's to sometimes become invisible in the Slayer tower and some other locations. - Fixed an issue with Blast furnace causing the conveyor belt to stop moving after adding many ores. - Fixed a bug causing the server to crash after being online for many days, including general lagg. - Significant improvement on the server performance grade work which should make everything smoother. - Fixed dropping hunter traps on the ground and scanning for overlapping objects. - Fixed Alchemical hydra death drops and added automatic respawni
  6. Hello grinders! As everyone of you know we are slowly perfecting the server each and every feature, and this means we have redone our items on death mechanics. I will keep this short for you and easy to understand, but here is how the system works which is identical to OSRS so if you know it you can skip the reading. All items are kept based on its value (examine) which is the market value. You usually keep the top 3 items assuming you are not skulled so they are protected. However, those items below follows different mechanics. Items that can break (Void, Fire cap
  7. Bugs and Fixes: - Minigame initial rewards dropped to 10,000 Blood money instead of 50,000 while instead of getting 10,000 extra Blood money per player it's now 12,500 which means 135k BM with 10 players and 60k with 4 players, respectively. - Charged items now move their charges when being transferred to another item (Ex. Magma Helm). - Fixed looting bag item depositing. - Cannon will now ignore poison effects and ammunition effects. - Anti botting events will no longer occur during a minigame under certain circumstances. - You now face items when picking them
  8. We literally have over 3,000 lines of dialogue!
  9. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed an issue with doors where one can use it while other player is using it. - Fixed Warrior's guild Minigame doors entrance. - Fixed God wars boss chambers, and fixed the interface while in the chambers. - You can now use Anguish ornament kit with the necklace from the participaion points store. - Fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you were teleblocked while using an obelisk. - Fixed Mining guild/Dwarves mine doors. - Reworked and improved the items on death mechanics. - Fixed the max hit calculation formula for Snapshot, Po
  10. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug that might've caused players to get reset on login. - Removed redundant code and legacy systems which slows the server from our processing unit. - Improved vine cutting codes to make it check your Woodcutting level and use a formula. - Fixed a bug where you receive a hit after teleporting even if you are on a different height level. - Fixed Giant Sea Snake boss instance respawning issue. - Fixed Ankou item showing 47b instead of 4.7b in value. - Fixed 'Locating Eye' achievement to do with talisman teleporting. - Fixed the cl
  11. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to able to cast spells while being in a busy state. - The Slayer tower basement is now properly working along with the NPC's inside. - Trollheim teleport now requires 2 law runes. - Properly fixed JAD achievement. - Adjusted Runecrafting experience for Blood runes and Soul runes. - Fixed a bug giving players infinite Ring of wealth (no rings were spread in game). - Fixed a bug that allowed players to use cheat engine to manipulate the teleport interface and teleport from anywhere. (No harm was intended) - Ran
  12. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to lose items when dying with poison in the Duel Arena. - Major fixes and improvements on the duplicate instances issue. - Fixed the clue scroll double agent spawn issue. - You will now be warned about selling items in clan chat, but your messages won't be blocked. - Fixed an issue where you cannot walk in doors in Yanille, Wilderness agility, and Catherby. - Fixed a bug causing you to get experience when hitting 0's against Demonic gorillas, and some other NPC's. - Updated the forbidden items that Iron Man game m
  13. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing you to morph forever and never get back to normal. - Optimized pet drop rates. - Fixed a bug causing you to enter the minigame with your pet. - Cooking skill fixes for making Mud pie, Garden pie, Admiral pie, Wild pie, and Summer pie. - Fixed Cerberus boss summoned souls not spawning sometimes. - Updated the Revenant caves drops for all NPC's inside. - Fixed a bug with Fishing causing Shark fishing to take ages when bare handed. - Blurberry drinking support added. - Fixed Spinolyp attack strategy. - You can
  14. Lou Grinder

    Dota music at the end I was like who's playing dota here lol
  15. Dit onderwerp is vergrendeld 2020-11-06. - Grinderscape forums
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