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  1. Lou Grinder

    I am working on a filter system so you can choose to filter game messages just like on OSRS
  2. Lou Grinder

    Well I have plans to make it show only the rarest drops, but again the main purpose of this is to show/remind other players of these drops. For example, a new player might just be doing Thieving skill, and suddenly notices the chatbox saying someone got x rare drop from Slash bash, and this will make him know the existence if the boss/npc and the item, and at the same time it does show the activity of other players as sometimes home area is not filled with lots of players and server will just looking boring, but when you can see some activity it brings a nice refreshment to the server.
  3. Lou Grinder

    Congrats to everyone!
  4. Lou Grinder

    Done, enjoy!
  5. Lou Grinder

    I can increase supplies prices, but not going to do the bosses thingy.
  6. Yes its done on purpose, and that is why it is not in shops and dropped by bosses.
  7. Lou Grinder

    I have tested Vorkath on the server and I was unable to recreate this bug, you might've had lagg for this to occur. Upon teleporting all damage should be cleared as well, however I will restore your HCIM and dig further into this not an issue. @tacobell123could you pm me on Discord or here what bosses need to be fixed with details and explanation please.
  8. Lou Grinder

    I will work on making Draynor teleport to happen less often.
  9. Lou Grinder

    Will nerf them it was using magic attack accuracy checks, it should be nerfed after next restart. Thanks for reporting!
  10. Dear grinders, We are now officially accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payment methods! Feel free to use the system, and if you have any questions please let us know!
  11. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed King black dragon over powered hits even while wearing proper protection. - Kree'arra hits optimized properly to use Melee, Ranged, and Magic hits. - Fixed a bug with cannon where your cannon hits are not registered and no drops show when killing NPC's. - Fixed a bug with Fishing where it does not reduce your bait count. - Magic on Item spells now consumes runes properly. - Fixed stacking with transformable items. - Fixed a bug causing players to lose their level up rewards while inside a minigame. - Fixed Agility tight rope causi
  12. Lou Grinder

    I've added all of your ranks! Sorry for the late reply I couldn't find your message earlier for some reason. Feel free to add me on Discord if you have anything to say.
  13. Version 4.5.2 of Invision Community is now available and here we are supporting it: We are pleased to announce that Invision Community 4.5 is now available and packed with new features, enhancements, and even a new look! Major New Features / Enhancements - New Front-End Design - AdminCP Dark Mode - Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics - Marketplace now built into the AdminCP - Mobile App for iOS and Android (Beta) - Zapier Integration for Invision Cloud Communities In addition to these new enhancements, there are countless other additions and
  14. Lou Grinder

    Congratulations to everyone!
  15. Lou Grinder

    Done, locked.
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