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  1. Shark Black

    thanks @everyone
  2. Shark Black

    thanks mate
  3. Shark Black

    really good thread good job you did mate..thanks
  4. Shark Black

    thanks for everything mate. sad to see you go good luck with you doing
  5. good job lou thanks alot really a great update
  6. Shark Black

    wow really welcome back ron im very happy to see you back good luck mate
  7. Shark Black

    thanks alot good luck
  8. Shark Black

    congrats man welcome to staff team
  9. Shark Black

    welcome back zod really so happy to see you back
  10. Shark Black

    congrats keelow my brothers man
  11. Shark Black

    yay thanks alot
  12. Shark Black

    oh sad to see you go zod best my friend much love to you brothers man much respect for you and thanks alot for all helping you gived to me also to all player you a great man for really
  13. Shark Black

    welcome to team staff enjoy with you'r time congrats on the promotion
  14. Shark Black

    congrats both have a good time guys
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