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  1. Congrats man
  2. Agility and range
  3. Very nice, was getting a lot of complaints on voting, so glad to see it finally fixed
  4. Whats the point of this? Only reason to go there is for the star. It's a 30 second walk, not hard at all
  5. Already went off about this before, completely ridiculous and a waste of time. Especially considering a Ge is coming out
  6. I would have the ability to have bosses be optional/have to buy them if you want them, so I support this
  7. He unfairly got the exp that was earned. How can you possibly think that he should keep his exp..?
  8. I agree with Saim in the sense that yell tickets should be pretty expensive. Before yell was just filled with constant drama, so making them a bit expensive would be a good idea. I think Saim's pricing is fine for a regular donator (as they don't have to pay irl money for the rank) but for super donators/extreme it should be a little less
  9. Nothing is being returned. You cheated and are being let free with your only loss being magic exp that you unfairly earned. Lesson to be learned: We do not tolerate botting
  10. Support on all, nice suggestions man
  11. Have a good time off, hope everything is okay
  12. Tbh I don't ever have a problem killing any monsters. For abyssal demons you have 3 different areas you can go to. Granted a couple are for donators only, but it gives you a chance to fight them as a non donator, and an easy way to kill them as a donator. Only problem i've had so far is with bosses, 1 of each boss in game is not enough imo
  13. Jad

    Congrats man! It's about time haha
  14. So you're mad at staff because they aren't believing every word you say..? There's proof of you flaming him, I'm seeing zero proof of him flaming you.
  15. Personally I think having boss tasks should be added to the rewards list from a slayer master. Make it cost say 100 points. This way people just trying to quickly grind slayer can actually do tasks, and others who want to also boss can do spend a bit of slayer points to get it added