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  1. Corp unprofitable items.

    100% support, I remember not too long ago this being suggested, and I couldn't agree more. It feels like most bosses it's either you get the big drop, or you get nothing. This can get pretty demoralizing, so having better, but still "uncommon" drops would be (tooth halves, 100x magic logs, maybe like 50x dbones etc) and having common drops like runes, some cash, lower amounts of skilling supplies, would really be beneficial
  2. Disable chat options for weapon game

    I can't disagree more I'm sorry, if you don't like someone then put them on your ignore list
  3. GrinderScape Update ( 08 - 16 - 17)

    Very nice update, good to see barrows gloves in game, and love the new grave timer
  4. Comp wouldn't take tooo long, so I'd probably do that. Then I'd go on to 200m in all skills Or better yet do both, when you get tired of skilling, switch to doing tasks
  5. Some Signatures

    I like them man, keep up the good work
  6. MOTM July

    Voting for Pharaoh, he's been active/helpful in game, and of course always knows how to have fun. Good guy to have around Good looking poll though, everyone on there is definitely worthy of being up there
  7. My grinderscape gurney is over

    Disapointing to see man, but best of luck irl
  8. Rune prices

    I definitely support. Basic runes like air/earth/water/fire should be 100 gp each, maybe have chaos be 200 each, death 400 , blood 800 each.
  9. Opening 110 boxes

    Nice video man, grats on the torva set!
  10. cya

    Appreciate you going out on a high note. Hope to see you back someday, if not good luck irl
  11. Beach For A Week

    Heading to the beach for the next week. I'll be on as much as I can, but my time on will be very limited. I'll be back next Sunday so I'll see a lot of you then!
  12. Scamming at duel arena.

    If you pm a staff member then they should do something about it. Personally if I get a pm about this I will check it out, warn the player, and if they continue jail the account for a bit
  13. Event Host application by: ANZ

    Accepted You've been doing a great job hosting events in game, and we think you are more than ready to join the team. Welcome
  14. Project Consistency - Non-Donator Mining/Smithing

    It gives you an extra reason to donate, however if you are unable to donate it isn't like it completely ruins mining for you