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  1. Definitely support, not sure why it's like that in the first place
  2. Really torn because I wanna vote yes, but I also did just find out that I am in fact gay
  3. Nice, loving how frequent these updates are coming out. maybe add ::td though so players can easily get to the entrance, rather than searching around for it
  4. Jerry Jerry Jerry
  5. Fantastic guide tbh, almost makes me want to try doing hcim
  6. How about let's demote you (k) 1-0 vote so far who is in favor
  7. The hate continues. Voted no, keep doing your thing Saim
  8. Yeah it's just for the normal hit, I've seen people in welfare hit 60's with the spec. There is nothing wrong with Godswords tbh
  9. Yeah I don't think it should go straight to the reaper In Pvp I think if you die, it should go to the reaper (900m is a bit extreme though, should be like 100-150m) In Pvm I'd say it'd be fair if it drops on the ground for a bit, then it'd go to the grim reaper if you aren't able to pick it up. Personally I'd like to see it just kept in your inventory on death though
  10. Definitely a good choice! Welcome to the team man
  11. One of my favorite set ups to pk with is the mage bow- obby maul pure (99 str/99 range/99 hp 1 in everything else except possibly prayer) so yeah I'd like to see something happen
  12. Love this update! Hope to see some of these ranks around
  13. Wow pb this looks really good. Keep it up man
  14. I've gotten quite a few from mith dragons, they are good if you want elites as well. I will update you if I find any better monster for just hard clue scrolls
  15. I'm pretty neutral, as I don't really hate you Taalq or any of your friends. However I do have to say, you guys do troll a lot, and that will rub some people the wrong way. Nothing wrong with having a little fun, but sometimes I feel like you guys do it to fuck with people. Regards, K