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  1. I really like the npcs that you suggested. The armour is cool, but I feel like nobody would really go for it due to vanguard/battle mage being the main thing at castle wars I wouldn't mind it being added to a new minigame though (say with the elite void in the minigame I suggested :hurr:)
  2. With the new update out I figured I would look at Grinderscape and see what things we are still lacking. To me, one thing that stands out is minigames. Gonna give a few suggestions that I think would make the game better, feel free to add any suggestions of your own, or even some ways to add on to/improve my suggestions 1. Stealing Creation: Have actually never suggested this, and haven't seen many suggestions about this minigame. Anyone who played Runescape around 2010 knows about Stealing Creation. The object is to use your skills (woodcutting, fishing etc) to gather clay, which is used to make items. You can make better harpoons, which allows you to fish faster, a better axe which allows you to cut trees faster, weapons/armour, food etc. This provides a minigame which has a bit of a survival feel to it, with some good rewards. We could make changes to it, since it is obviously a private server. Some suggestions would be that only 6 players are required to start (so a 3v3 essentially). We could have a 5 minute timer, which would allow players to gather clay/make items.. After the 5 minute timer is over the gates would go down and players could either continue to gather clay, or try to take out the other team. Once you die you are out, where you can watch your teammates who are left battle it out, the last team standing wins. We could have the winning team gain say 3 points, and the losers gain 1.. Prizes could include clay armour, or some other item that could give 2x experience for a certain skill. This would help players going for maxed account get through a skill or two that they really don't like, and also allows players to have fun. Now the armour would of course degrade, and it can degrade fast.. Let's say each piece costs 10 points (for example) and can either last for a certain amount of exp, or for a certain amount of time. This part is open for discussion, so leave any ideas in your comments 2. Pest Control: This would be a cool minigame to have back, if pest control is something that can't be added, then something else can take it's place. But ultimately something that requires teamwork would be cool, as we don't really have a multiplayer minigame that isn't one team verse another. The prize for Pest Control (or whatever else we can come up with) would be Elite void, which would be add a bit of variety when it comes to people using Torva. Torva provides way more defense bonus/more hp, but elite void would provide better hits 3. Better items in the Stardust shop, as well as a shop owner that can be accessed at any time Mining the star is pretty dead, most of the time people will race to spot the star, but will teleport right after. We need to add some better items to the stardust shop, even some cheaper items that are useful, such as whips/barrows gloves etc.. Some cosmetics that can be added are yo-yo's, santa outfits, zombie outfit etc.. Any other ideas for items please post below Also having a shop owner in Edgeville, or some other city would be helpful, as it is quite annoying when you have 2k stardust and can't spend it because the rock never gets fully mined. Hell we could make two shopkeepers, and have the alien in the rock have 5% cheaper prices or something, to kind of keep you wanting to stick around and fully mine it, but not completely penalize you if you are unable to do so. Shout out to @evow for the help
  3. Accepted You've been doing a good job consistently helping in game. We think you are ready for recruiter, keep up the good work Denied While you put forth a nice application, we have to see more of you on a consistent basis. Help out a bit more, and apply in no less than 2 weeks Pending While you have been doing a good job in game, it hasn't been nearly long enough for you to become a Recruiter. Proof in the fact that you applied for the Moderator rank when you aren't a recruiter. Keep at it a bit longer and apply in no less than a week Pending You have been a recruiter before, and you have been helping out quite a bit. The only problem is you just came back. Prove to us that you are here to stay and you should have no trouble getting accepted. Apply again in a week Denied We need to see a bit more of you before we give you the Recruiter rank. Help out consistently in Spectrum, and apply again in a couple weeks Thank you to all who applied, do not be discouraged if you got pended/denied. Work hard, and show us that you want to take that next step and you will get it
  4. Not a bad idea but I think it would get a bit confusing
  5. Thank you for the reply I gave a few items, some others would include some cheaper cosmetics, even normal party hats and make them like 1k stardust each. I also liked @Jamie suggestion As for the updates, I'll agree smaller but more frequent updates are needed as of now, as they will clean up anything left over from the big update. But in say a month from now I'd say a bigger update should be planned. We already did combat/pking, and now bossing and such. Minigames are something that are lacking, and I know skilling was a top priority for you. Stealing creation kills two birds with one stone, as it brings a very popular minigame, as well as gives a reward that would get people more into skilling
  6. Hello everybody Today we have decided to promote @evow to the rank of server support Evow has been doing a terrific job helping in game, and we believe he is ready to take the next step. Evow is in -3 gmt so he will be mainly assisting in this timezone. As with all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial. Good luck, even though you probably won't need it
  7. Nice update Pb keep it up
  8. Like I said, just prove that you are here for the people and not the rank. Also if somebody starts flaming or or whatever sometimes you tend to get baited in and say some things that you will later regret. So if somebody upsets you just ignore it/ take a break
  9. Pending You are definitely active, and could definitely do a good job with events. The only problem at the moment is your intentions. You have been applying for just about every rank, and it feels like ranks are all you are after at the moment. Prove that you are about the team and not the rank and you may get accepted. Apply in no less than 2 weeks
  10. Keep on topic please, anyone going off topic will receive an infraction
  11. First off it's been 24 hours so let's relax. As Acolyte stated there are plenty of recoveries at the moment (quite honestly the most I've seen in a 24-48 hour time period). To add on to that the forums were messing up earlier which made recoveries impossible to access. Haven't been feeling well and still had to go to work on top of that, but right before the forums acted up I do remember replying to yours (then I went to work). Be patient and your account that you lost the password to will be returned
  12. Excellent update Pb
  13. Carlllll that kills people Happy bday
  14. Not a bad idea but I don't think it would make too much of an impact
  15. Congrats man
  16. Welcome back man, if you have any questions feel free to pm me! Enjoy your stay
  17. Crazy achievement! Well done
  18. Welcome back <3
  19. Thank you for the feedback, a lot of it I disagree with (such as the ss's not helping) what Saim said was pretty spot on. Nonetheless helping in public/ being a leader for other players is a part of our job, so while you didn't give the most accurate feedback, it is something to still consider
  20. Don't see many of those in game! Congrats man
  21. Pending This was a pretty good application, and you have been improving a bit. We just need to see a bit more of you in game. Apply again in 2 weeks
  22. Denied While you are active, and would do a good job hosting events, you have disappeared randomly, and have been involved in quite a bit of drama recently. Prove to us you are here to stay, and be a good role model and you should get accepted. Apply again in 2 weeks
  23. Congrats man, definitely a good choice for the role
  24. Congrats man, hell of an achievment !
  25. YESSSS welcome back Hannah <3