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  1. Paaannossssssssssssssss gzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Was gonna vote for Winniedepoeh but I think a huge error occurred because that guy should be admin, So @Koen got my vote
  3. Make me pls a dope sign Winnie the pooh related
  4. Just have to Pm them on other forum, they will do it, dw Real ked
  5. Agreed
  6. Guys who own twitter/instagram with over 6m real followers can give shoutouts to Grinderscape Those guys (Friends of mine) can do this. Lmk if support or not
  7. Oiii, all g bby ILY
  8. Y u n0 support me?
  9. Varrock west bank or riot
  10. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rashed PLEASE bring back OLD home Varrock west bank <33333333333333
  11. Rashed look ur pm, legit lol
  12. So? No reason to get mad son, it's a post on a RSPS forum, dont be a keyboardwarrior
  13. U seem mad kiddo
  14. For the real oldfags, dicing @ Yanille or Edge next 2 bank
  15. Congratulations son