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  1. Huntmeister

    I think 15 is the most astecially pleasing on my eyes
  2. Due to some toxic in game interactions with players we will be denying your thread at this time... Please Consider waiting before applying again in the future. Thanks! Locked!
  3. I see you around a good bit helping, Would like to see more effort in the application. Best of luck and keep up the good work
  4. I see you on a good bit, best of luck on your application and keep up the good work!
  5. Ive seen you around a decent bit, I personally would like to see more detail in the application. But best of luck and keep being helpful and active while we make our decision
  6. We are declining your application as we expect our team to be active parts of the community without negative marks in a certain time frame. Please consider applying again in the future. Locked
  7. At this time we will be declining your application. We look for players who represent the community well and at times you can seem to handle situations a bit rash. Please take some time and apply in the future! Locked
  8. Huntmeister

    I will forward this to the appropriate people. Please continue to be patient
  9. Promoted to Middleman! Congrats and keep up the good work!
  10. Huntmeister

    Please Follow the proper Appeal format in the ban appeal section and staff will look into this. Provide all alts etc
  11. Huntmeister

    Ive spoken to you privately, Please bear with us, until someone can look into this
  12. Very nice excited to see the changes
  13. Huntmeister

    Hi, Thanks for submitting your appeal, are there any other accounts you play on? As Im not finding anything on why Gigatron is banned @Gigatron
  14. Seen you around a lot lately, Best of luck on your application
  15. Huntmeister

    Please be patient while @Zod @Lou Grinder look into this
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