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  1. Boysandgirls

    Delete the client and clear the cache, and then redownload it and try and see if that works. i feel like you didnt delete the client when the update was pushed out
  2. Boysandgirls

    ~! Ranks and Benefits !~ So Grinderscape Community / Family, There was already a benefits page already made and uploaded, but this is more of a updated version. There isn't a proper thread yet anyway, this is the Donator Benefits. PSA: Some of this was copied and pasted from one that already made. just made some changes. LadderGoat and Jordan already made. just made some changes. Bronze Donator $10 This rank has no specific benefits. It just states your rank as a Donator and a financiel supporter of Grinderscape Regular Donator $50 Bene
  3. Boysandgirls

    Requesting rank: Boysandgirls Primary rank(Yes/No) yes Proof:
  4. Boysandgirls

    Yeah remove agility. but add more. but its a good start.
  5. Boysandgirls

    Infamous Boys is what i want it to say White, Gold, Black, Red Can you just surprise me? i just want a theme with those colors
  6. Boysandgirls

    What should it say? : Infamous Boys Do you want any of your own pictures in it? If so post imgur link here : What kind of picture is it? (Signature, profile picture, wallpaper etc) : Signature, and wallpaper What colors do you want it to contain? : White, Gold, Black, Red Do you want it to have a theme? : Yes Where do you want your picture to be delivered? (Forums, Discord) : Both Do you have any concerns or questions? Type them here : How long will it take?
  7. Requesting rank: Regular Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) yes Proof:
  8. Requesting rank: Wiki Editor Primary rank(Yes/No): Yes Proof: and also. is there a way you could take away the member tag? Thanks
  9. Requesting rank: Bronze Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) Yes Proof:
  10. Requesting rank: Dicer Primary rank(Yes/No) No Proof:
  11. Boysandgirls. I think i deserve the respected title as i help the community a lot, and always having a positive attitude. i have lots of vouchers, and think i could obtain it
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