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  1. Good of you to make this. Sorry that I couldn't help when you needed it.
  2. Queen Zoryn

    Updated the guide to include more FAQs about slayer, XP tomes, emblems, daily login rewards and the Double XP Ring. More content coming soon. (Edit: At 23:35PM 08/05/2020 I also added information regarding the Fight Cave minigame.) Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
  3. Queen Zoryn

    Thanks Spasma! Tomorrow I will add information about mystery boxes and daily login rewards.
  4. Queen Zoryn

    Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
  5. Queen Zoryn

    Thank you! I'm going to keep it updated if and when I notice other FAQs so that it remains relevant. And of course I'm open to suggestions for things to add!
  6. Queen Zoryn

    I agree but I can't do it all in one post because of the attachment limits. Bear in mind that it's still being constructed and will look better once it's finished.
  7. Queen Zoryn

    What is the Fire Warrior task? If you're new to the game and have tried to equip a Fire Cape you will have been told that you need to complete the Fire Warrior task in order to use the item if you haven't already. To complete this task you must slay the TzZok-Jad; the boss monster of the TzHaar Fight Cave which can be accessed via the Minigames teleport. It is advised that newcomers do not buy a Fire Cape from other players as the item is rewarded for successfully defeating the Jad. Therefore, since you have to slay the Jad to wear the cape, you might as well save your money and wait to get it as a reward. Defeating the Jad can be achieved with modest gear but better equipment does quicken the fight. The most important aspect of fighting the Jad is learning its attack styles and flicking your prayer in time to block its range and magic attacks. Pictured: The Jad's range and magic attacks. Though fighting the boss will require concentration and might take a while, if you are using your prayers correctly the boss is fairly easy to defeat. A more thorough guide to fighting the Jad is available here. If you have bought or won a Fire Cape you are also able to exchange it with TzHaar-Mej-Jal for a 1/50 chance of winning a Jad pet! What is X key used for? Keys can be used to accessed restricted locations and open chests. Pictured: A range of keys that can be found ingame. Information about each key can be found below. Muddy Key Brimstone Key Ecumenical Key Crystal Key
  8. Queen Zoryn

    Slayer FAQs How do I get a slayer task and teleport to the monster location? Slayer masters and certain monster locations can be accessed through the teleportation system. The most profitable slayer tasks are given by Duradel who can be accessed by teleporting with a Slayer's enchantment. These enchantments are dropped by NPCs such as spiders, scorpions, black bears and greater demons. The drop rate for these monsters and further information about slayer can be found in this guide. To teleport to the location of your task obtain a free slayer gem from any of the slayer masters and activate the gem. This gem also allows you to track the progress of your task(s) by checking your remaining task kill count and a list of previously completed tasks. See here for more information about training slayer. How do I cancel or block a slayer task? After right-clicking any slayer master and clicking "Rewards' and then the 'Tasks' tab an interface will appear allowing you to do so if you have enough slayer points. Is the Trolls slayer task bugged? Yes as of 07/05/20. It is advised that you cancel and/or block this task if you posses enough slayer points or request an admin to skip the task for you if you do not. Can we complete slayer tasks with partners? Not yet. This feature is being worked on by the developers and will hopefully be functional soon! Other FAQs What is the Bone Crusher and how do I use it? The Bone Crusher is an untradeable item which can be obtained in exchange for 250 Participation Points. The Bone Crusher automatically crushes all bones that NPCs drop when killed if the item is held within your inventory, making it a convenient item to use. Furthermore, it grants a prayer XP rate that is slightly higher than you would receive from burying bones. In order to use the Bone Crusher it must be charged with Ecto-tokens which can be obtained from the General Store. Use the Ecto-token(s) on the Bone Crusher in order to charge it and click the item in order to check the number of charges it has left. What are Infernal tools? Infernal tools, such as the Infernal Axe and Infernal Pickaxe, are tools that can be obtained either from the Skilling Points Store for 500 Skilling Points, as rewards for completing tasks, or through creation via using a Smouldering Stone on a corresponding Dragon tool as shown below. Infernal tools such as the Infernal Axe and Infernal Pickaxe will automatically smelt or burn whatever you're cutting or mining without use of a tinderbox, coal, hammers, furnaces, etc. This is a convenient use of the tools and allows you to passively train firemaking and smithing. However, when used these tools degrade and will eventually require recharging with another Smouldering Stone. You can still use uncharged Infernal tools but they will no longer have these perks. You can check your Infernal tool's durability by right-clicking it and then clicking 'Check'. What are XP tomes and how do I obtain them? XP tomes are ingame items that grant either 1m or 10m XP when used. The amount of XP a tome will grant is listed in brackets in its name. XP tomes can be obtained in exchange for Premium Points at the Premium Points store, Vote Points at the Vote Points Store, or as a reward for completing ingame tasks. However, only the 10m XP tomes from the Premium Points Store can be traded for other items and/or coins to other players. 1m XP tomes are untradeable items. Pictured: The Woodcutting Tome (10) from the Premium Points Store grants 10 million woodcutting XP. Pictured: The Slayer Tome (1) reward granted on completion of the 'Dedicated Slayer' task. What are emblems and how can I use them? Emblems are items that can be obtained as drops from many NPCs. Pictured: Archaic Emblem (Tier 1). Emblems can be traded to the Leagues Tutor north of Edgeville bank in exchange for Blood Money. Where can I get a Double XP Ring and how is it used? The Double XP Ring can be obtained in exchange for 60 Skilling Points at the Skilling Points Exchange. As the item's name suggests it grants double XP when worn. Though the Double XP Ring is obtainable from the Skilling Points Exchange its use only applies to combat skills with the exclusion of prayer. The Double XP Ring comes with 250 charges. This means you will receive double XP for up to 250 hits before the ring breaks. You can check the ring's remaining charges by right-clicking it and then clicking 'Check'. Pictured: The Double XP Ring in use. What is the Daily Login Reward? Every day you have a 50/50 chance of winning a reward just for logging in! Rewards include Participation Points, Blood Money, gold coins and even mystery boxes. You can even get achievements for having received a certain amount of login rewards. How's that for icing on the cake! Picutred: The 'Daily Feed' achievement earned by having received daily login rewards 5 times.
  9. Queen Zoryn

    Achievements In GrinderScape, clicking the Quest Tab will allow you to view a list of achievements to be completed with varying degrees of difficulty. Completing these tasks gives players rewards and are an easy way to make money as a newcomer to the game! (See here for an overview of this tab's other uses.) Clan Chat GrinderScape has a functioning clan chat system. When first starting the server you will automatically be added to the server's "Help" clan chat. This is a great place to ask any questions that you have as a beginner and get to know other members of the community. Commands Using the command ::Commands ingame will display a list of all usable commands in GrinderScape. It is advised that players familiarise themselves with such commands owing to their usefulness. ::Prices Using the command ::Prices ingame will result in this GrinderScape wiki page opening in your default browser. This webpage contains a list of estimated tradeable item prices ingame. Do note that these estimations should be used as a guide and not a rule as item prices fluctuate and it may not always be up to date. Platinum Tokens Platinum tokens are a form of currency in GrinderScape that allow players to store wealth which exceeds the maximum bank cash stack of 2147m. To acquire platinum tokens you must use your gold coins on a bank booth. Vice versa in order to turn platinum tokens back into gold coins. Starter Money Making As a beginner to GrinderScape one of the most lucrative means of starting out is to thieve from the stalls in the home area. There are guides for training thieving and other skills in the skilling guides subsection of the forums.
  10. Queen Zoryn

    Zoryn's Beginner Guide & FAQs! Note: This guide will be continually updated as feedback is received and when new content and new FAQs need to be added. Introduction to ::Home After accepting the server's rules and selecting your account type you will spawn at Edgeville. This is GrinderScape's home location. At Edgeville you will be able to access the following stores to buy beginner gear with your starter cash. East of these stores you will find stores from which you can purchase goods in exchange for skilling points and other such things. In addition, there are other noteworthy stores inside and outside of Edgeville bank. Blood Money Store Trade the Leagues Trader just outside and north of Edgeville bank to gain access to the Blood Money store. Blood Money is a tradeable ingame currency awarded from drops, as well as for completing tasks and levelling up, used to purchase lucrative items. Participation Point Store Trade Borat inside Edgeville bank to gain access to the participation point store. You accumulate participation points while playing the game, completing tasks and levelling up. For 3,000 participation points you can buy a donator bond. If used, this will give you the "Regular Donator" rank which comes with significant benefits discussed in this thread. Premium Points Store If you do not wish to save participation points for a donator bond and wish to help the server you may also donate money here. In exchange for doing so, you will receive Premium Points which can be exchanged for items in the Premium Points Store. The Premium Points Store is located nearby the eastern entrance to Edgeville bank. OSRS Tokens Store Right next to the Premium Points Store is the OSRS Tokens Store. At this store you can exchange OSRS Tokens for ingame items. Alternatively, you may exchange them via an admin for OSRS gold. Make-Over Mage The Make-over Mage is located inside Edgeville bank. Setting A Bank Pin As a security precaution you must set a bank pin in order to be able to trade other players in GrinderScape. This can be done by talking to the Security Guard at ::Home. Voting Every twelve hours you may vote for GrinderScape on RSPS top lists by using the ::vote command ingame. This takes minimal time and requires only brief verification. Voting for GrinderScape helps the server grow and allows you to sell your vote tickets or purchase items from the Vote Point Store in Edgeville bank! Note: Voting for the server more than once in any given 12 hour period on different IP addresses is called 'vote boosting' and is a violation of the rules. See here for the GrinderScape Wiki's more detailed overview of the voting process and Voting Points Exchange. Teleportation Getting around in GrinderScape can be achieved through use of the teleportation menu. Click any of the shortcuts in your magic spell book to go to the relevant menu. Eg. the Cities teleport: The teleportation system allows you to access almost everywhere you might wish to go to train, skill, or explore. Skilling Masters If you are skilling in GrinderScape you may accept challenges from Skilling Masters. These can be found in the surrounding area of skilling locations. Here are a few examples: (Master smithing tutor, Neitiznot.) (Master fisher, Catherby.) (Woodsman tutor, Seers' Village.) Completing tasks acquired from these masters will reward you points with which to buy skilling-related items, gold coins, and/or Blood Money.
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