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  1. Trop

    It would be convenient to be able to toggle between all notifications, and filtered to just your own notifications, or to turn them off. I personally would toggle between all three of those options if they were available. It would help with seeing the current task count, when a task was completed, etc. Since there isn't a task counter to check the amount left in a task, it's left at the mercy of the all chat, and everyone's accomplishments. Support.
  2. Trop

    I can confirm that selecting "Unread content" opens the unread content page in the forums. Quest tab > First option "Help Desk" > Section titled: "Information" EDIT: There's an additional way to access forums within the client. The news bell under the mini-map links to the recent update threads.
  3. Trop

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this project. Looking forward to seeing all of it come together.
  4. Trop

    At the top of the client there's a drop down item titled, "Links" There you can find a direct link to the forums, as well as the other navigations on the website. Hope this helps!
  5. Trop

    Thank you all for the welcome. As of right now I really am enjoying the server. I like how the skilling is set up as a task based to get the perks/complete outfits, but still has the grindy feel at a comfortable rate. The gaining of cash is nice too. I like that it's a steady flow, which would help with maxing all skills out completely. I do agree that having a rare or expensive item to collect would feel accomplishing. I'll also try out the different game modes for the extra challenge! Thanks everyone. Nice to meet you all.
  6. Trop

    So, hello! I'm here to introduce myself, meet others, and hopefully make some pals. My interests: Realist/completionist I prefer skilling over combat I like to collect things in-game Since I'm new to the game, what would be an interesting/challenging item for me to collect in-game?
  7. Hello - this may seem tedious, but as someone who pays attention to details I've noticed that there are misspellings present in certain messages in the game. So far I've only been completing Thieving in the game and these two errors appear: "Bonux" should be "Bonus" And there should be a space between "level" and the numerical number. Off limits is two words. I work in the QA field, so it may just be my second nature to find errors, but nonetheless they are noticeable.
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