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  1. Lil Pump

    BUMP @Lou Grinder Please add the boss slayer tasks
  2. Lil Pump

    The main benefit of void is it's accuracy bonus and that's why it's widely used, like Valar said the low defence compensates for this as well as the high repair cost. Reward/risk I agree that ags spec is poor, not to sure if it's accuracy or damage related though. When tested the other day Vute in max void melee hit 2 0's on me while i was wearing nothing so i agree that needs looking into
  3. love it, keep up the work Lou
  4. Lil Pump

    The social media is looking good!! Also gratz @Bossed
  5. Lil Pump

    All sounds really positive man! Can't wait to see what the future brings
  6. Lil Pump

    Waheeeyyyyy glad to have you back mate!
  7. Lil Pump

    have to get myself a cool pet asap!
  8. Lil Pump

    Thanks for all the kind words guys and a special thanks to Daxx & Lou for choosing me for the role which I can't wait to get started in! Great updates as well, i can't wait to feature in some music videos
  9. Lil Pump

    it is when the drop rate was set to 1:250 supposedly
  10. Lil Pump

    I think it's my right to get the KBD first as I had almost 2000 KC on the beta trying to get that boy so I may have to crash you
  11. Lil Pump

    name : isaac personality - 9/10 Popularity - 10/10 everyone loves you g! cute nudes tho
  12. Lil Pump

    Don't think i ever left!
  13. Lil Pump

    Hello all, My name is Calum and i am from Birmingham in the Uk! I buy and sell shoes constantly so let me know if you ever need a hook up unless your name is vutr I have played Grinderscape since almost the very start and can't wait to see it get back to its peak with such a great community again and hope everyone is here to stay! Peace x
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