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  1. this is very great decision since you cant do your job. thanks. not gonna miss you
  2. Okay so why should i keep playing? everytime i get rich u will ban me for nothing and clean my bank? :D Like if you cant proof 100% why u ban me then? Like the "rwt" ban you should have proof first then ban and clean my bank. So much corrupt in server and the most rubbish admin is you. Sad but true. If u are ignored irl its not my problem lul

    1. tomidaownage


      thats why im requesting back my vines and claws. If you have proof that i rwt then u can keep it. otherwise u owe me them


    2. Soccerlove


      First, I wasn't the one who banned you

      Second Mister big mouth, you were the one saying you rwt, not us

      Attacking me doesn't help you much, don't you think, the reason I removed you last time from server was because you staked your complete bank away, a little obvious , don't you think?

      Now start to deal with the Staff involved and don't try to get things done from me

      The last time when I banned you your bank was trash, so don't tell me I banned you because of you being rich

      I don't trust you and I think I am right in my thoughts about you, like I said, I did undo the ban because the proof isn't good enough

      Now stop complaining to me ( doesn't help) start playing again ( and follow the rules) or simply leave

      This is my last comment to you on one of your pm's, took me enough time already

  3. mind getting in discord?

  4. I saw this video. how its possible that i get different threatment than other plauers. please answers
  5. it doesnt mind. i just wanna play. i never have rwt. and this is the truth im tired of fighting. i havent rwt. they just dont believe me and thats all. banned for nothing serious. GG. time to start new acc. eco saved.
  6. Okay im so done with this. can i atleast get host unban so i can make a new acc? please. i want to play
  7. hi, can i atleast get unban for host so i can start new account? :)

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    2. tomidaownage


      i dont rwt and there is no proof i rwt.


      there is proof i say i rwt but there is no proof i RWT. there is big difference. i can say i fucking kill obama but it doesnt mean im gonna do that lel. I got blacklisted for the saying it. not worth a ban. every1 knows that.

    3. Sophie


      Not my decision, it's up to the Admins.

    4. tomidaownage


      okay. any admins online? I can do new account just to play. i love grinderscape. been here since 2k11

  8. actually nhm got the point. Niels told me that only evidence he has is that i said im selling for $. this doesnt make you RWT. you can ban for SAYING that but not for RWT without evidence. Allthough i got blacklisted for saying it. that should be enough. All i ask is unban. please <3 Nhm dont rage. it doesnt help
  9. https://gyazo.com/34d0d7e251badbbe9d1dbb561d49cd35 also that doesnt prove it. it proves i said it and i got blacklisted for it. not worth ban https://gyazo.com/a95d0e2058cdf0abfc00a8cdc8f00b99 this is so wrong. please soccerlove help me. i never have rwt..
  10. just can you think this from my side? 1 joke and banned. every1 does mistakes. I stop giveaways and stuff. its fine to me. i just want to be back online :)

  11. i agree. hope that soccerlove take this case. he is good.
  12. nhm no need to rage like that. just niels dont do anything stupid.. IM LEGIT 100%
  13. this all started the joke i said i can op for 07 cos i sell them for $. Isaid it at yanille and there was middlemans and more people. thats was 100% joke lol. i have post them i have 117 cb 07 acc with clean histroy not even warnings. Soccerlove and Acolyte told me that i wont get banned at the start i get jailed. just that i have to stop d partys and giveaways. and i agreed with that. then i got unjailed and logged off. next time i try to log Niels has banned me. he has nothing to do with this. wtf is this like really? oding all to save economy? i have offered them i can give up 500 claws for eco. thats okay with me and i dont do drop parties or giveaways anymore. i still are blacklisted so i arent aloud to buy 07. where is the point? i just wanna hang on the server. also Niels doesnt know shit what happend. He wasnt even there. and if soccerlove and acolyte told me that i dont get ban i just have to stop giveaways why niels can ban me without proof. I told them its joke. thats all. i cant get banned for that. otherwise they have to proof im rwting right? You playing 07 does not mean that you can't rwt all your money? You said yourself that you made a lot of money via us without even close to making it look like a joke, just when you get reported it suddenly is? We've already had too many rwters do the exact same thing, it's getting old. - Closed This is what niels replied on my appeal. I never said i make alot of money cos of grinder. Like this i get host banned? this is ridiculous. they doing all to save economy. This is not fair at all. I hope soccerlove take this case. ive ffucking been here since 2k11 why would i risk this all and why would i still be here?
  14. Acolyte i know u ignore me. since you dont show the evidence in pictures. i need higher staff to discuss with. thats why dont close my ban appeal if i want soccerlove to check it out. thanks. You dont have any proof if i rwt or not. and if i say i rwt. it doesnt mean that i rwt at all. so chill out
  15. soccer can u please visit my ban appeal? i post some pictures there. why niels really banned me? is it this what aco was talking about?


    why u have to ban for economy?

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    2. tomidaownage


      bro i said i sell for $. that doesnt prove a shit i rwt. please unban all i ask. u can blacklist me. PLEASE

    3. Soccerlove


      Stop asking me for help, talk with Niels when he is available

      He is the one who looked into this

      Told you already



    4. tomidaownage


      niels doenst know shit.

      i got blacklisted for saying i sell for $. thats enough. thtats why niels is banning me. its not wroth that.

      thats all evidence he got .