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  1. Kazuhira

    Xmas is over tho... so now we have to put up with snow for months after the period is over? "until before summer"?? why winter edition till then? seems like lazy work to me
  2. Kazuhira

    Thank you so much. It will be great to return properly and assist the team again. Looking forward to it!
  3. Kazuhira

    Congrats bud, looking forward to seeing you perform well in your new position.
  4. Kazuhira

    It has come to the time where I must unfortunately resign from my Administrator's position. I have little to no time free, barely at home & when i am at home, Grinderscape is the last thing on my mind. Thank you @Lou Grinder for the opportunity you have given me, It has been a wild ride for sure. You may see me occasionally in-game from time to time, but until then: Take care & Goodbye. - Kaz
  5. Kazuhira

    Congratulations! You'll make a fine addition to the team @Barry Best of luck to you buddy.
  6. Kazuhira

    Hello, We are here to congratulate our new in-game Moderator @Zod. He is active and has shown great effort and support to the community. We feel he is worthy of the position and will begin his two weeks of trial as usual. Congratulations!
  7. Kazuhira

    You will most certainly be missed, Anz. I hope you take care of yourself my man. I wish you the best of luck mate.
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